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Manufacturer: Yokogawa
Model: PZ4000

Yokogawa PZ4000 Power Analyzer

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Product Overview

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The Yokogawa PZ4000 Power Analyzer is a powerfull tool designed for R&D work relating to environmentally friendly energy-conserving products and technologies. The PZ4000 was designed based on YOKOGAWA’s Environmentally Harmonious Product Design Guidelines and Product Design Environmental Assessment Standards, which are intended to protect the global environment. The PZ4000 has been developed and produced at ISO14001-approved offices.

Features of the Yokogawa PZ4000 include:

  • Wide measurement bandwidth (DC, up to 2 MHz)
  • Accurate capture of input waveforms using high-speed (maximum 5 MS/s) sampling
  • Voltage and current waveform display and analysis functions to enable power calculations on fluctuating inputs
  • Harmonic analysis (up to 500th order) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) functions to enable high-frequency power spectrum analysis
  • Simultaneous measurement of many channels using multiple units and external trigger function
  • Environmentally friendly design based on YOKOGAWA’s “Guidelines for Designing Products for the Environment” and “Criteria for Environmental Assessment in Product Design.”
  • Sensor input module enables evaluation of motor efficiency and total efficiency.

The PZ4000 has a Power Meter that displays measured waveforms. Measured voltages and currents are sampled at high speed (maximum 5 MS/s). Power is calculated from the sampled data along with accurately displayed waveforms. The benefit is that Waveform displays and calculated values (e.g., power values) are based on sampled data stored in internal memory, so they are correlated with each other. Measured waveforms and calculated values can be checked at the same time to prevent erroneous measurements. Voltage and current waveforms can be measured without using oscilloscope differential probes and current probes. The PZ4000 can make waveform measurements much more accurately than with conventional oscilloscopes.

The PZ4000 offers a wide bandwidth and high-precision measurements. Measurements can be made over a wide frequency range (DC up to 2 MHz), making it possible to measure power loss on electronic components, high-frequency lighting equipment, and other devices. cision power measurements at high frequency. The PZ4000 lets you make high-precision measurements of voltage, current, and consumed power in equipment driven at frequencies ranging from several tens of kHz to approximately 100 kHz.

Lamp current measurement in fluorescent bulb With the PZ4000, you can measure lamp current of fluorescent bulb using Delta Computation function. It computes the difference of the instantaneous values between output current of electric ballast and cathode current. Loss measurement when actual load is applied to electronic components With the PZ4000, you can measure power loss resulting from actual load applications, instead of evaluating characteristics based on small signals using an LCR meter or impedance analyzer.

Power measurements on extremely low-frequency signals are also possible. Take full advantage of the 4M word internal memory (optional; enough for 4 million samples) to obtain precise measurements of extremely low-frequency (several mHz) signals.

Load fluctuations can be dynamically captured by the power meter. Internal memory (maximum 4 M words) stores your measurements. You can calculate and display voltage, current, and power values for specific portions of the total memory (equivalent to 100 k words of data). The display makes it easy to see how the load fluctuates with time. Inrush current and power measurements (at switch-on) In the past, it was necessary to measure inrush current and power values at power-on using measuring instruments such as oscilloscopes. The PZ4000 makes these measurements much more accurately and greatly simplifies this procedure. Power measurements in specific states (specific spans in internal memory)

Power measurements on equipment with fluctuating loads are normally obtained by measuring the energy in certain operating patterns over a long time period using an integration function. The average power value is then calculated. In contrast, The PZ4000 lets you make power measurements over a specific period defined by adjustable cursors. This reduces the time required for measurements.

Power Graphical Power Analysis feature: The PZ4000 lets you analyze harmonics (up to 500th order) using high-speed sampling. With the FFT calculation function, you can perform spectrum analysis in the high-frequency range (up to 2.5 MHz). Analysis results are displayed on spectrum graphs. In addition, vectors showing the fundamental components of distorted waveforms can be displayed to give a visual presentation of the load balance in a 3-phase power supply system.

With the PZ4000, you don’t need a frequency analyzer to perform spectrum analysis on the carrier component of an inverter. This type of analysis is typically difficult. A major advantage with the PZ4000 is that you can input signals directly without using probes. This removes any error due to probe tolerance. The load balance evaluation in a three-phase equipment The vector display using the harmonic analysis function lets you visually know the condition of each phase in a 3-phase equipment. This makes evaluation simpler than when calculations are performed manually based on numerical data.


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