Test Equipment Repair & Calibration

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Test Equipment Repair & Calibration

Why choose Axiom’s repair lab?

Free evaluations
For most types of test equipment, we offer a free repair evaluation to find out what repairs need to be made. We do not have flat rate repair fees, nor do we provide repair quotes without first physically inspecting the unit.

90 Day Guarantee
All repairs come with a 3-month guarantee to give you peace of mind. Should issues arise after the unit has been repaired, we can quickly and easily identify and correct them at no additional cost.

Extend Equipment Life
Repairs can help extend the useful life of your most essential equipment, without having to make major overhauls to production or testing. This offers a more economical solution to replacing equipment or upgrading to new equipment.

Over 30 years of experience
Our lab technicians take a personal level of pride in the high quality of their work. They have the experience and knowledge required to handle a broad range of issues and equipment, so whether the repair is big or small, they have the know how to get it done, while ensuring the highest standards of care.

Our Calibration Lab Is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited

If you need calibration on your rental equipment, purchased equipment, or equipment repair service, only pay for the specific level of calibration you require.

Click Here To View Our Accreditations

How to get started on your repair:
To begin our free evaluation process, fill out the form below describing in detail what is wrong with the unit. Once we have received your information, we will contact you with instructions on shipping the equipment to us to begin your evaluation.

How it works:
1. Fill out the repair form below
2. An Axiom account manager will contact you
3. Ship your equipment to us
4. We evaluate the unit for free
5. We contact you with what issues we found and send you a repair quote
6. You decide:
      Yes! Go ahead and repair my equipment
      No. Send it back to me

How long will I have to wait?
Repairs depend on the issue we find and our labs current workload.

How much will it cost to repair my unit?
We do not have "flat rate" repair charges. We offer a customized repair price based on what we find during evaluation and in almost all cases this is lower than flat rate repair costs. We never proceed on a repair without your explicit permission.

Check all that apply:
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*Some exclusions apply
*Must be using latest version of browser to view form correctly

Our business hours are 7:30am – 4:30pm PST, Monday – Friday (excluding holidays).

If you have an immediate or specific repair need, or any questions, feel free to contact us at sales@axiomtest.com or (760)806-6600.

Why Choose Axiom?

Your testing is complicated enough, we want to make sourcing test equipment the easy part.

Dedicated Customer Service
We go beyond the role of order taker & strive to partner with you to provide a custom solution.
Competitive Prices
Equipment is agressively priced. We work with you to find a solution to fit your budget.

Fast Turnaround
No long drawn-out sales process, We help you find the equipment you need, and get through order processing quickly so your equipment ships out fast!

Warranty & Support
Comprehensive Parts and Labor warranty on all equipment sold. Includes a user manual, is fully accessorized, and tested to manufacturer specifications prior to shipment.


Got wonderful experience with Axiom. They have all the devices we need and the lady is very helpful during the usage. I accidentally dropped an important item in the package during equipment return. The lady Geri happened to find it and sent it back! Both great thanks to Geri and their team!

Kevin H.
San Jose, CA

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