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Hioki PQ3198
Power Quality Analyzer

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Manufacturer: Hioki
Model: PQ3198

Hioki PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer

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Hioki PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

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The Hioki PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer provides robust support for field personnel who need to analyze power characteristics in the form of measurement capabilities that reliably captures the full range of power anomalies and exceptional ease of use throughout the entire user experience, from connecting the instrument to recording data. Capture the full range of power supply anomalies, including momentary interruptions, voltage drops, and frequency fluctuations, while recording trends to help investigate the causes of unexpected equipment malfunctions and sudden stoppages. Record fluctuations in voltage, current, power, harmonics, and flicker when connecting a highly variable system such as a renewable energy source or EV charging station to the grid. Easily analyze the data with the included PQ ONE software.

Since the Hioki PQ3198’s fourth voltage channel is isolated from its first three voltage channels, the instrument can measure power and efficiency across two separate circuits. For example, you can verify the quality of the input (AC) and output (DC) of an EV rapid charger while simultaneously measuring power and efficiency between input and output. The PQ3198 complies with the IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 2 Class A standard. As a result, it can perform standard-mandated measurement tasks such as gapless, continuous calculation; detection of events such as swells, dips, and interruptions; and time synchronization using GPS (optional). 


Specifications for the HIOKI PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer Include:

Voltage Range 0 - 600V rms
Current Range 500 mA to 5 kA AC (Sensor Dependant)
Power Range 300W to 3MW
Voltage Accuracy ±0.1% of nominal


See Datasheet for full specifications

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