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Agilent E5270B, Keysight E5270B, HP E5270B
Parametric Measurement System Mainframe, 8-Slot

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Manufacturer: Keysight / Agilent / HP
Model: E5270B

Keysight / Agilent E5270B Parametric Measurement System Mainframe, 8-Slot

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Keysight / Agilent E5270B Parametric Measurement System Mainframe, 8-Slot Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Agilent E5270B 8-Slot Parametric Measurement Mainframe is completely user configurable. You can install up to eight single-slot modules (such as the E5281B MPSMU), up to four dual-slot modules (such as the E5280B HPSMU), or any physically allowable combination thereof.

The Keysight E5270B Precision IV Analyzer is a complete solution for current-voltage characterization of a wide range of materials and devices. The E5270B supports multiple SMUs (Source/Monitor Units) for voltage / current sourcing and voltage / current measurement with the best in the class current measurement performance as low as 1 nA. Its modular architecture allows you to configure or upgrade SMU modules for available eight slots. The EasyEXPERT group+ GUI based characterization software is furnished and available on your PC to support all the tasks required in the characterization from the measurement setup to the data analysis. Powerful integration of SMU’s versatile measurement capabilities and GUI based characterization software makes the E5270B the best solution for characterization and evaluation of devices, materials, semiconductors, active/passive components, or virtually any other type of electronic device with uncompromised measurement reliability and efficiency.

Features of the Keysight E5270B Parametric Measurement System include:

  • Performs high-speed, dc parametric measurements
  • Eight slots for plug-in modules
  • User interface allows spot measurements to be made from the front panel
  • High-resolution, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) available to all installed modules
  • High-speed ADC present on each installed SMU
  • 4-Amp ground unit
  • BNC trigger-in and trigger-out connectors
  • 16 general-purpose digital I/Os
  • Program memory
  • GPIB port for instrument control
  • Self-test, self-calibration, diagnostics

Current-voltage measurement capabilities

  • Accurate and precision measurement ranges of 0.1 fA – 1A and 0.5 µV – 200 V
  • Spot and sweep measurement capabilities
  • Pulse spot and sweep measurement with minimum 500 µs pulse width
  • The ASU (atto-sense and switch unit) can be used with the HRSMU to provide 0.1 fA measurement resolution and SMU/AUX path switching

Supported measurement modes include:

  • Spot
  • Pulsed Spot
  • Quasi-pulsed Spot
  • Staircase Sweep
  • Multi-Channel Sweep
  • Pulsed Sweep
  • Staircase Sweep with Pulsed Bias
  • Linear Search
  • Binary Search

Specifications of the Agilent E5270B include:

  • Measurement range:
    • with E5280B: -200 V to 200 V, -1 A to 1 A and resolution of: 2 µV, 10 fA
    • with E5281A: -100 V to 100 V, -100 mA to 100 mA and resolution of: 0.5 µV, 10 fA
  • Maximum Output Power: 80W
  • Maximum Common to Ground voltagemust be ≤42 V
  • Pulse Measurement
    • Pulse width: 500 µs to 2 s
    • Pulse period: 5 ms to 5 s
    • Period ≥Width + 2 ms (when Width ≤100 ms)
    • Period ≥Width + 10 ms (when Width >100 ms) Pulse resolution: 100 µs
  • GNDU: Ground Unit furnished with the E5270B mainframe
  • Output Voltage: 0 V ±100 mV
  • Maximum sink current: 4 A
  • Output terminal/connection: Triaxial connector, Kelvin (remote sensing)

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