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Manufacturer: Keysight / Agilent / HP
Model: B1500A

Keysight / Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer

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Product Overview

RENT KEYSIGHT B1500A (Agilent) (call for availability)

The Keysight B1500A (Agilent) Semiconductor Device Analyzer is a modular instrument with a ten-slot configuration that supports both IV and CV measurements and also fast high-voltage pulsing. Its familiar, Microsoft ® Windows ® user interface supports Agilent’s EasyEXPERT software, which provides a new, more intuitive task-oriented approach to device characterization. Because of its extremely low-current, low-voltage, and integrated capacitance measurement capabilities, the Keysight B1500A (Agilent) can be used for a wide range of semiconductor device characterization needs (IC-CAP supports the B1500A). It is also an excellent solution for non-volatile memory cell characterization and high-speed device characterization (including advanced NBTI measurement).

Features and benefits of the Keysight B1500A (Agilent) include:

  • Superior IV measurement performance: 0.1 fA / 0.5 µV measurement resolution
  • Measurement features include single and multi-channel sweep, time sampling, list sweep, quasi-static CV (using the SMUs), direct control and arbitrary linear waveform generation (ALWG) GUI for the HV-SPGUs.
  • Optional, integrated capacitance module supports CV measurements up to 5 MHz
  • Optional positioner-based CV-IV switching solutions available with 0.5 µV voltage measurement resolution and 10 fA, 1 fA or 0.1 fA current measurement resolution capability
  • Easy test automation with built-in semiautomatic wafer prober drivers and test sequencing without programming via the Quick Test mode
  • Optional high-voltage semiconductor pulse generator unit (HV-SPGU) available with 10 ns programmable pulse widths and +/- 40 V (80 V peak-to-peak) output.
  • Optional waveform generator/fast measurement unit (WGFMU) available with ALWG and fast current or voltage measurement capabilities.
  • 10 ns pulsed IV solution is available for characterizing high-k gate dielectric and SOI (silicon-on-insulator) transistors.
  • A Classic Test mode is available to provide the look, feel, and terminology of the 4155/4156 interface while enhancing user interaction by taking full advantage of Microsoft ® Windows ® GUI features

Key specifications of the Keysight B1500A (Agilent) Semiconductor Device Analyzer include:

  • General Features
    • PC-based instrument with Windows ® XP Professional OS
    • Single-box solution for current-voltage (IV), capacitance-voltage (CV), pulse generation, fast IV, and time-domain measurement.
    • Ten module slots for source monitor units (SMUs) and other module types (MFCMU, HV-SPGU and WGFMU) *
    • Offline data analysis and application test development via Desktop EasyEXPERT software
  • Measurement Capabilities
    • Supports current-voltage (IV) measurement to 0.1fA and 0.5µV
    • Supports both quasi-static and medium-frequency capacitance-voltage (CV) measurement ]
    • Supports accurate fast IV and time-domain measurement for a wide range of applications such as pulsed IV, NBTI and RTS measurement.
    • Supports high voltage pulse generation (up to ±40 V) for high power and memory device testing.

Module Selection Guide:

Module Main  Slots Specification
B1510A HPSMU 2 Up to 200V, 1A force. 10fA current resolution
B1511A MPSMU 1 Up to 100V, 100mA force, 10fA current resolution
B1517A HRSMU 1 Up to 100V, 100mA force, 1fA current resolution
E5288A ASU NA Up to 100V, 100mA force, 100aA current resolutio
B1520A MFCMU 1 1kHz to 5MHz, up to 100V DC bias with SMU
B1525A HV-SPGU 1 Min 12.5ns pulse width, 10ns transition time, up to 40V with 3 level pu
B1530A WGFMU 1 Min 100ns pulse width, 10V peak-to-peak output, 5ns current or voltage measurement sampling speed

RENT Keysight B1500A (Agilent) (Call for Availability)


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