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Keithley 2220G-30-1
Programmable Dual Channel DC Power Supply, 30V, 1.5A, GPIB

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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 2220G-30-1

Keithley 2220G-30-1 Programmable Dual Channel DC Power Supply, 30V, 1.5A, GPIB

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Keithley 2220G-30-1 Programmable Dual Channel DC Power Supply, 30V, 1.5A, GPIB Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

Keithley 2220G-30-1-30-1 Power Supply

Rent Keithley Programmable Dual Channel DC Power Supply, 30V, 1.5A, GPIB

The Keithley 2220G-30-1 Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supplies combine two channels of output power to economically characterize and test a wide range of devices, circuit boards, modules, and products that require more than one power source. The Keithley 2220G-30-1 supplies provide two channels, with each channel capable of outputting up to 30V and up to 1.5A. The Keithley 2220G-30-1 multi-channel power supplies offer an excellent combination of performance, versatility, and ease of use to maximize the information from characterization or test as quickly and as easily as possible. They perform as effectively in automated test systems as they do in manual instrument configurations.

Independent and isolated outputs since each channel in the Keithley 2220G-30-1multi-channel power supplies is completely independent and isolated from each other, the Keithley 2230G-30 power supplies can be used to provide power to two circuits that are optically isolated or transformer-isolated from each other and have different reference points. Their isolated channels eliminate the need for a second power supply to power one of the isolated circuits. Futhermore, each channel can be independently controlled, so channels can be individually turned on and turned off at any time. Thus, these power supplies can be used to power up a circuit with multiple voltage levels (such as a digital circuit) that must be turned on in a specified time sequence. Furthermore, the timer capability allows you to set up unattended tests that turn off the channels after a programmed time interval to protect a device-under-test (DUT) from potential damage due to the continuous application of power beyond a recommended time interval. Both isolated and independent channels provide great adaptability to address a whole range of test applications.

Precise Power Delivery to the Load With basic voltage setting accuracy and voltage readback accuracy of 0.03% for each channel, the exact voltage programmed for any channel is applied at the output terminals. Plus, the rear panel connections for each channel include remote sense terminals that compensate for voltage drops in the power supply leads. This helps to ensure that the correct voltage is delivered accurately to the load terminals of the DUT. Many other multi channel power supplies do not provide remote sensing, which reduces overall system accuracy. Great accuracy is not limited to voltage; the basic current setting and readback accuracy is 0.1%, providing high quality load current measurements. Additionally, with less than 3mV p-p noise, the power applied to the DUT’s load terminals is both accurate and of high quality. Excellent accuracy, remote sensing, and a wide power output range make the Series 2200 Multi-Channel DC Power Supplies essential test instruments both on the bench and in test systems. 

Features and Specifications of the Keithley 2015 THD Multimeter includes:

  • Two 30V/1.5A (45W) channels output supply
  • All channels are independently controlled and have isolated outputs for maximum flexibility
  • All channels have remote sensing to ensure that programmed voltage is accurately applied to the load
  • Two 30V channels can be combined either in series to double output voltage or in parallel to double output current
  • 0.03% basic voltage output accuracy and 0.1% current accuracy ensure quality test data
  • Low noise, linear regulation with
  • Voltage and current outputs for all channels are displayed simultaneously for easy observation of each output state
  • Keypad entry allows fast, precise entry of output values
  • USB interface standard on all versions for remote control
  • USB and GPIB interfaces


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We received the unit today. Thank you for this. Your team did an excellent job.

-- Bruce D.
Phoenix, AZ

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We received the unit today. Thank you for this. Your team did an excellent job.

Bruce D.
Phoenix, AZ

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