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Sorensen SGI60-167
DC Power Supply, 60V, 167A, 10000W

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Manufacturer: Sorensen
Model: SGI60-167

Sorensen SGI60-167 DC Power Supply, 60V, 167A, 10000W

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Sorensen SGI60-167 DC Power Supply, 60V, 167A, 10000W Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

RENT SORENSEN SGI60-167 POWER SUPPLY (call for availability)

The Sorensen SGI60-167 is a Programmable Precision High Power DC Power Supply that is designed for exceptional load transient response, low noise and high power density which is enhanced by a stylish front air intake allowing supplies to be stacked without any required clearance between units. The SGI60-167 combines onboard intelligent controls with outstanding power electronics.  Looping of sequences makes the SGI60-167 ideal for repetitive testing. 

Features of the Sorensen SGI60-167 Programmable Precision High Power DC Power Supply include:

  • 10kW in a 3U chassis providse high power density
  • Wide voltage range of 0-60V and 0-167amp
  • Fast load transient response provides protection from undesired voltage excursions
  • Low RMS and P-P noise for very sensitive applications
  • Parallelable up to 150 kW making it expandable as requirements increase
  • Upgradeable modular design
  • Sequencing allows programming custom waveforms
  • Easy-to-read fluorescent display supports 8 languages
  • Context sensitive soft keys
  • Front panel keyboard
  • Onboard intelligent controls enable sophisticated sequencing, constant power mode and save/recall of instrument settings
  • Precise control with 16-bit Resolution, optional IEEE-488.2, RS-232C, and Ethernet 

Specifications of the Sorensen SGI60-167 Programmable Precision High Power DC Power Supply include:

  • Common:
    • Remote sense:
      • Terminals are provided to sense output voltage at point of load
      • Maximum line drop 5% of rated voltage per line
    • Parallel operation:
      • Up to 5 units may be paralleled for additional current within the power supply single-unit specifications (with exception of the DC output current set accuracy)
      • Additional paralleled SG units will add 0.3% inaccuracy per unit
    • Series operation: Up to 2 units (see output float voltage)
  • Input:
    • Nominal voltage 3 phase, 3 wire + ground:
      • 208/220 VAC (operating range 187 - 242 VAC)
      • 380/400 VAC (operating range 342 - 440 VAC)
      • 440/480 VAC (operating range 396 - 528 VAC)
    • Frequency:  47 - 63Hz
    • Power factor:
      • > 0.75 typical for 208/220 VAC input
      • > 0.72 typical for 380/480 VAC input
      • > 0.69 typical for 440/480 VAC input
    • Protection (typical):
      • 1/2 cycle ride through on all three phases
      • 3 cycle ride through  on single phase
      • Missing phase shutdown
  • Output:
    • Ripple (current mode): <+/- 0.04% of full scale rms curren
    • DC voltage slew rate (40-800V): ≈ < 100 ms 5-95% of full scale typical - resistive load
    • Line regulation (with sense wires used):  
      • ± 10% of nominal AC input, constant load
      • Voltage mode:  +/- 0.01% of full scale (40-800V)
      • Current mode:  +/- 0.05% of full scale (40-800V)
    • Load regulation (with sense wires used):  
      • no load to full load, nominal AC input
      • Voltage mode:  +/- 0.02% of full scale (40-800V)
      • Current mode:  +/- 0.1% of full scale
    • Load transient response:  REcovers within 1 ms to +/-0.75% of full-scale of steadystate output for a 50% to 100% or 100% to 50% load change
    • Efficiency:  87% typical at nominal line and max load
    • Stability:  0.05% of set point after 30 minute warm-up and over 8 hours at fixed line, load 
    • Temperature coefficient:
      • 0.02%/ C of maximum output voltage rating for voltage set point, typical
      • 0.03%/ C of maximum output current rating for current set point, typical
    • Output float voltage:  Negative terminal within +/- 300V of chassis potential


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