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Manufacturer: OMICRON
Model: BODE 100

OMICRON BODE 100 Vector Network Analyzer, 1 Hz - 40 MHz

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OMICRON BODE 100 Vector Network Analyzer, 1 Hz - 40 MHz Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Available Option Configurations


  • B-WIC - Impedance Adapter
  • INJB03 - Injector Bundle #3
  • MSRP: $8,589 | Available for Rental    GET QUOTE  

Product Overview


With the multifunctional OMICRON LAB Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer you'll see an exact picture of your electronic circuits and components in a frequency range from 1 Hz to 40 MHz. The multifunctional Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer system is comprised of a flexible hardware design and the Bode Analyzer Suite for Windows™. Because of its outstanding price-performance ratio the system is ideal for industrial applications, as well as, research and educational labs. The Bode 100 is not only a state of the art Vector Network Analyzer, it also works as:

  • Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Impedance Meter
  • Gain Phase Meter
  • Sine Wave Generator

Withe BODE 100, you can easily measure and analyze:

  • Complex gain
  • Complex impedance and admittance
  • Reflection coefficient and return loss
  • Ultrasonic and piezo electric systems
  • Stability of control circuits such as DC/DC converters in power supplies
  • Swept S-parameters of electronic circuits
  • Group delay characteristics of your DUT
  • Frequency dependent impedance of high Q-circuits like oscillating crystals
  • Influence of termination on amplifiers or filters
  • Reflection and adaptation of antennas

Data transfer and reporting is so easy.

  • A simple click of a button and the Bode 100 provides you with a print report containing all relevant information.
  • Generate reports in own your style - simply paste measurement results, charts and equipment settings into your documents by using the Bode 100’s extended copy to clipboard functionality.
  • Process your measurement results with your favorite tool including Excel by exporting all measurement values into a csv file.
  • Save your entire equipment set-up (including measurement values). Load saved set-ups to simply reuse your measurements. Share stored set-ups with you colleagues and analyze the data offline on any PC.

Reduce your workload - automate your measurements.

  • Use OLE compatible controllers such as VBA (e.g. Excel®), LabVIEW®, MATLAB®
  • Program your own applications with languages like VB2005®, C#®, Visual C++®

Specifications of the OMICRON LAB BODE 100 include:

  • Wave form: Sinusoidal signal
  • Frequency range
    • 10 Hz to 40 MHz (standard frequency range)*
    • 1 Hz to 40 MHz (extended frequency range)*
    • *frequency ranges software switchable
  • Signal Level -27dBm to 13dBm 0.01VRMS to 1VRMS (at 50 Ohm load)
  • Accuracy of the source level (23°C +/-5°C)
    • +/-0.3 dB (1Hz to 1MHz)
    • +/-0.6 dB (1MHz to 40 MHz)
  • Frequency response of the source level 1Hz to 40MHz: +/-0.3dB (referred to 100kHz)
  • Frequency accuracy (23°C +/-5°C):
    • +/-15ppm (
    • +/-25ppm (
  • Source impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Return loss (1Hz to 40MHz) > 28dB (VSWR < 1.09)
  • Spurious signals < -55dBc (typical)
  • Harmonics < -55dBc (typical)
  • Connector: BNC

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