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Keithley 2410
High Voltage SourceMeter, 1100V, 1A, 20W

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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 2410

Keithley 2410 High Voltage SourceMeter, 1100V, 1A, 20W

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Keithley 2410 High Voltage SourceMeter, 1100V, 1A, 20W Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

The Keithley 2410 High Voltage SourceMeter is designed specifically for test applications that demand tightly coupled sourcing and measurement. The Keithly 2410 provides precision voltage and current sourcing as well as measurement capabilities. It is both a highly stable DC power source and a true instrument-grade 5-1/2 digit multimeter. The power source characteristics include low noise, precision, and readback. The multimeter capabilities include high repeatability and low noise. The result is a compact, single-channel, DC parametric tester.

The Keithley 2410 High Voltage SourceMeter is a 20W instrument that sources and measures voltage from ±5µV (source) and ±1µV (measure) to ±1100V and current from ±10pA to ±1A. With its higher voltage sourcing range, the Keithley 2410 is an excellent choice for resistors and voltage coefficient testing, varistors, and high voltage diodes, including switching, zener, RF diodes, and rectifiers. The Keithley 2410 High Voltage SourceMeter is able to measure 20mA while sourcing 1100V, providing the extra resolution needed for precision testing of these devices.

Features and Specifications of the Keithley 2410 High Voltage SourceMeter include:

  • Five instruments in one:
    • Voltage source
    • Current source
    • Voltage meter
    • Current meter
    • Ohmmeter
  • Source and sink (4-quadrant) operation
  • 0.012% basic measure accuracy with 5½-digit resolution
  • 2-, 4-, and 6-wire remote V-source and measure sensing
  • 1700 readings/second at 4½ digits via GPIB
  • Pass/Fail comparator for fast sorting/binning
  • Available high speed sense lead contact check function
  • Programmable DIO port for automation/handler/prober control
  • Standard SCPI GPIB, RS-232, and Keithley Trigger Link interfaces
  • Keithley LabTracer 2.0 I-V curve tracing application software (download)
  • General Characteristics:
    • Load Impedance:  Stable into 20,000pF typical
    • Common Mode Voltage:  250V DC
    • Common Mode Isolation:  >109Ω,<1000pF
    • Overrange:  105% of range, source and measure
    • Max Voltage Drop Between Input/Output and Sense Terminal:  5V
    • Max Sense Lead Resistance:  1MΩ for rated accuracy
    • Sense Imput Impedance:  >1010Ω
    • Guard Offset Voltage:  <150µV, typical
    • Source Output Modes:
      • Fixed DC level
      • Memory List (mixed function)
      • Stair (linear and log)
      • Memory Buffer:  5,000 readings @ 5 digits (two 2,500 point buffers)
        • Includes selected measured value(s) and time stamp
        • Lithium battery backup (3 yr+ battery life)
    • Source Memory List:  100 points maximum
    • Programmability:  IEEE-488 (SCPI-1995.0), RS-232, 5 user-definable power-up states plus
      factory default and *RST
    • Digital Interface:  Interlock: Active low input
    • Power Supply:  100V to 240V rms, 50–60Hz (automatically detected at power up), 210VA
    • Cooling:  Convection
    • EMC:  Conforms to European Union Directive 89/336/EEC, EN 61326-1


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I really appreciate the quick turnaround, we queried early afternoon and are able to have the rental test equipment here within 20 hrs. Thank you for making that happen.

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