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DMM, 8.5 Digits

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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 2002

Keithley 2002 DMM, 8.5 Digits

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Product Overview


The Keithley 2002 8 1/2-Digit High Performance Digital Multimeter with 8K Memory not only delivers performance specifications usually associated with instruments that cost thousands more, but it also offers a broad range of functions that are not typically available from DMMs.

The resolution specifications of the Keithley 2002 are based on a 28-bit A/D converter that provides the resolution needed to discern smaller changes. This higher resolution also provides greater dynamic range, making it possible to measure from 1μV to 20V on a single range, thus avoiding range-shift errors and delays.

With the addition of an optional plug-in scanner card, the 2002 becomes a complete scan and measure system for applications involving up to ten measurement points. The additional resolution and measurement ranges provided by the 2002 make it an excellent choice for production test, design verification, and metrology applications where high accuracy is critical.

The ability to track reading trends around a target value easily can be just as important as the absolute readings. A unique bar-graph display function in the 2002 indicates data as a percentage of the selected range from +/-0.01% to +/-100%. Whether adjusting about zero or any other desired value, this display can replace a nulling differential voltmeter.

The 2002 offers many built-in measurements that are typically unavailable in instruments of this type, including in-circuit current, temperature with thermocouples or RTDs, and peak spikes. Four separate outputs linked to limits simplify configuring the DMMs for use in binning operations.

The built-in AC crest factor measurement helps ensure the accuracy of AC measurements. Other DMMs typically perform AC measurements for signals without excessive crest factor - the ratio of peak value to rms values. However, when crest factor rises, measurements may not meet specs. With a 2002, there is no need for an oscilloscope to determine if the crest factor is acceptable - the DMM measures it directly.

While some DMMs calculate average AC from the rms value, these calculations apply only to sine wave inputs. The 2002 measures peak value, average and true rms directly to obtain a complete characterization of the signal. This capability makes these DMMs ideal for AC circuit design or test applications and for verifying test voltages specified only in averages.

When measuring AC or digital signals, frequency is critical. The 2002 accurately measures frequency up to 15 MHz. Accurate triggering on the signal is critical to measure frequency reliably. The frequency counters in the 2002 have a fully adjustable trigger level for good measurements of noisy signals.

The 2002 can display DC and AC volts and the AC frequency from a single measurement connection simultaneously. Several other multiple-measurement displays are available, including crest factor and bar graph. By measuring sequentially and displaying simultaneously, the 2002 operates as if three different meters are working together.

Features of the Keithley 2002 DMM include:

  • True 1/2-digit resolution
  • 8K Memory
  • Exceptional measurement integrity with high speed
  • High speed function and range changing
  • Broad range of built-in measurement functions
  • Multiple measurement display
  • GPIB interface
  • HP3458A emulation mode


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We received the unit here in Florida yesterday just before noon – less than 24-hrs from when we placed the order…Thank you for your exceptional and expedient service to minimize our down time and helping us bring this dire emergency to a happy, successful conclusion.

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