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Mulitimeter, 6.5 Digit

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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 2000

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Product Overview

RENT KEITHLEY 2000 Multimeter (call for availability)

The Keithely 2000 6½-Digit Multimeter is part of Keithley’s family of high performance DMMs. Based on high speed, low noise A/D converter technology, the Keithley 2000 Multimeter is a fast, accurate, and highly stable instrument that is as easy to operate as it is to afford.

Features and Specifications of the Keithley 2000 Multimeter include:

  • Superior accuracy specifications
  • Exceptional measurement speed at any resolution
  • At 6½ digits, it delivers 50 triggered rdgs/s over the IEEE-488 bus.
  • At 4½ digits, it can read up to 2000 rdgs/s into its internal 1024 reading buffer, making it an excellent choice for applications where throughput is critical.
  • DC voltage from 100nV to 1kV (with 0.002% 90-day basic accuracy)
  • DC resistance from 100µO to 100MO (with 0.008% 90-day basic accuracy)
  • Broad measurement ranges
  • 13 built-in measurement functions, including DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2WO, 4WO, temperature, frequency, period, dB, dBm, continuity measurement, and diode testing
  • Built-in RS-232 interface connects to a notebook or full-sized PC’s serial port to take, store, process, and display measurements automatically
  • Optional switch cards:
    • multiplexing up to 20 different input signals
    • multipoint measurement applications
  • Simple front panel design:
    • easy to use and easy to understand
    • for either bench-top or stand-alone applications
  • DC General Characteristics:
    • Linearity of 10VDC Range: ±(1ppm of reading + 2ppm of range)
    • DCV, O, Temperature, Continuity, Diode Test Input Protection: 1000V, all ranges
    • Maximum 4WO Lead Resistance:
      • 10% of range per lead for 100O and 1kO ranges
      • 1kO per lead for all other ranges
    • DC Current Input Protection: 3A, 250V fuse
    • Shunt Resistor:
      • 0.1O for 3A, 1A, and 100mA ranges
      • 10O for 10mA range
    • Continuity Threshold: Adjustable 1O to 1000O
    • Autozero Off Error: Add ±(2ppm of range error + 5µV) for
    • Overrange: 120% of range except on 1000V, 3A, and diode
  • AC General Characteristics:
    • Input Impedance: 1MO ±2% paralleled by <100pF
    • ACV Input Protection: 1000Vp
    • Maximum DCV: 400V on any ACV range
    • ACI Input Protection: 3A, 250V fuse
    • Burden Voltage:
      • 1A Range:
      • 3A Range:
    • Shunt Resistor: 0.1O on all ACI ranges
    • AC CMRR: >70dB with 1kO in LO lead
    • Maximum Crest Factor: 5 at full scale
    • Volt Hertz Product: =8 × 107 V·Hz
    • Overrange: 120% of range except on 750V and 3A ranges

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