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Holzworth HA7062C
Real Time Phase Noise Analyzer, 10 MHz - 20 GHz

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Manufacturer: Holzworth
Model: HA7062C

Holzworth HA7062C Real Time Phase Noise Analyzer, 10 MHz - 20 GHz

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Holzworth HA7062C Real Time Phase Noise Analyzer, 10 MHz - 20 GHz Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

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The Holzworth HA7062C is a fully integrated phase noise analysis system. It utilizes the same core engine as the HA7402C along with a pair of high performance HSX Series RF Synthesizers as the test signal LOs. The stability of the agile synthesizers operating as LO sources for the high speed, cross correlation core enables an extremely reliable phase noise analyzer.

The HA7062C inherits the same ANSI Z540 calibrated accuracy as its predecessor; as well as industry leading data acquisition speeds, ease of use, and extremely high reliability. The
additional features that come with revision C include: expanded measurement offsets to 40MHz, input splitter bypass ports for higher channel-channel isolation, independent baseband
input ports and AM measurements with crucial AM immunity on the PM signal!

HA7062C AM/PM cross check eliminates data irregularities. Holzworth’s latest real time cross correlation architecture offers simultaneous AM/PM measurements. This unique feature was integrated to eliminate cross-spectrum collapse which is now a proven phenomena causing false high/low measurements, nulling, and artificial bumps in the PM response.

Accuracy of phase noise test data is a common speculation. All Holzworth analyzers come with a NIST traceable calibration from the factory. The ANSI z540 calibration standard is a mandatory procedure for Holzworth phase noise analyzers. Phase noise data that cannot be traced to an industry accepted standard is open to speculation.

The interface for the HA7062C is very intuitive and does not require a driver. I runs a MATLAB™ Runtime based GUI that will operate on any standard PC. No MATLAB™ license is required. Originally targeted for use in high throughput manufacturing, the HA7062C is optimized for accurate measurement speed while offering the flexibility to be controlled via LABVIEW™ or any other programmable interface.

The Holzworth HA7062C real time core combines the best of traditional analog phase noise measurement front-ends with the latest technology in real time cross correlation analysis. The digital analysis system uses an advanced DSP with a powerful cross correlation engine. Two different LO Modes help to achieve industry leading phase noise levels at the fastest possible acquisition speeds.



  • INTERNAL LO MODE uses a pair of Holzworth HSX Series RF synthesizers for LO generation. These HSX LOs provide the most optimal phase noise available on the market to
    further increase the acquisition speed of the already blazing fast HA7062C.
  • EXTERNAL LO MODE allows for the use of external LOs to achieve the lowest noise floors at the fastest acquisition speeds. The external LOs are calibrated by independently
    sweeping the LO Tune Voltages and are then incorporated into the automated test system
  • RESIDUAL PHASE NOISE The HA7062C also offers ease of measurement for additive/residual measurements. Often the most complicated of phase noise measurements, the HA7062C highly automates the measurement while also utilizing built in standards to maintain the z540 NIST traceable level of accuracy.

General specifications of the Holzworth HA7062C include:

  • DUT Tuning Range 10MHz to 6GHz (base), 10MHz to >20GHz (with downconverter)
  • Measurement Floor
    • Internal LO Mode: < -185dBc/Hz
    • External LO Mode: < -190dBc/Hz
    • Measurement Speed (per correlation)
    • Measurement Offset 0.1Hz to 40MHz

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