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Rental Benefits

There are many benefits to renting test equipment. We want to explain some of the most important benefits our customers can expect.

Tax Benefit:

By renting, companies can immediately expense rental costs from their bottom line vs. purchasing an expensive capital asset and depreciating the cost over time. If they purchase a capital asset, they pay for all of it in the beginning (cash is spent), but they can only expensive a portion of the acquisition cost each year of it’s depreciation schedule (often 3 to 7 years). So they don’t get the benefit of reducing their taxes when the money is spent and only get to apply a portion of the acquisition cost against their taxable income each year of the depreciation cycle.

Easy Internal Approval:

Capital purchases often require a lengthy signature process through procurement, managers, department heads, etc. This causes costly delays and could be rejected by any member involved at any point during the capital acquisition process. Renting avoids the bureaucracy since rental expenses rarely require multiple levels of approval.

Fast Delivery:

No need to wait for the manufacturer to build the needed test equipment. You can start working on the your project without delay.

Avoids Obsolescence and Market Price Depreciation:

It's no secret that technology often moves faster than we can keep up with. By renting, customers don't get saddled with expensive equipment that was purchased, only to become obsolete 18 months later. It becomes difficult to unload obsolete equipment, and impossible to capture much, if any, of the original acquisition cost. Renting avoids the obsolescence trap. Don't forget, a purchased capital asset continues to depreciate on the Balance Sheet, often long after it's useful life has ended.

With these benefits to renting test equipment in mind, think over your needs for that next project.

We aim to provide you with the equipment you need - quickly and easily. Give us a call or send us an email today to see how we can meet your rental needs for your next project.

Electronic Test Equipment Rental

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