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Environmental Test Chamber, -75C to +200C, 1.12 Cu. Ft.

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Manufacturer: TENNEY
Model: JR

TENNEY JR Environmental Test Chamber, -75C to +200C, 1.12 Cu. Ft.

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TENNEY JR Environmental Test Chamber, -75C to +200C, 1.12 Cu. Ft. Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Available Option Configurations


  • No Options Included
  • MSRP: $5,994 | Available for Rental    GET QUOTE  


  • COMPUTER INTERFACE - RS232 and IEEE Communications
  • SHELVE - Stainless Steel Wire Rod Shelf
  • MSRP: $7,610 | Available for Rental    GET QUOTE  

Product Overview


The Tenney JR Environmental Test Chamber is a portable, benchtop self-contained, temperature-controlled test chamber. Compact exterior dimensions, in combination with ample interior workspace, make this chamber ideal for laboratory testing.

The Tenney JR Environmental Test Chamber is well-suited for use in electronic, military, and pharmaceutical quality assurance and reliability testing, as well as research testing and production processes. As specified, the chamber is mechanically refrigerated by means of single or cascade systems of time proven design.

Features and Specifications of the Tenney JR include:


  • Space saving design - available as upright or bench versions
  • Compact exterior with ample interior workspace to maximize valuable floor space
  • Field proven reliability with thousands in use worldwide
  • Vapor-tight, continuously welded interior, made with 100% stainless steel
  • Easy to use controller
  • Hermetic system uses accurately calibrated capillary tubes rather than mechanical expansion valves
  • Low-mass nichrome, open wire heating system
  • Vertical-down recirculating system
  • Double silicon gaskets on doors
  • 3" diameter access port with plug 
  • EIA-232 / RS485 interface
  • Controlled-rate freezer applications:
    • Freezing provided by specialized LN2 option and airflow controls
      • Options that are specifically engineered for cryogenic applications
      • Onboard controller stores profiles for freezing jobs
    • Efficient operation provided by insulation, door seals and accurate control of temperatures
    • Accurate and controlled freezing rates
    • Custom loading racks
    • Freezing profile programming
    • Optional recorders and ports for attaching printers for verification and data collection


  • Temperature Range: -75c to +200c
  • Refrigeration: (2) 1/2 hp
  • Heater Capacity: 500W
  • Amps @ 120V/1 phase/60Hz: 18
  • Amps Fuse:  20
  • Control tolerance of ± 0.3ºC
  • Change Rates in Minutes:
    • Ambient to 200°C 60 minutes
    • Ambient to 185°C 50 minutes
    • Ambient to 160°C 40 minutes
    • Ambient to 140°C 30 minutes
    • Ambient to 105°C 20 minutes
    • Ambient to 70°C 10 minutes
    • Ambient to 25°C 0 minutes
    • Ambient to -15°C 10 minutes
    • Ambient to -40°C 20 minutes
    • Ambient to -54°C 30 minutes
    • Ambient to -65°C 40 minutes
    • Ambient to -73°C 55 minutes
    • Ambient to -75°C Ultimate

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