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Espec SH-642
Temperature & Humidity Chamber, -40C to 150C, 2.2 Cu Ft

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Manufacturer: Espec
Model: SH-642

Espec SH-642 Temperature & Humidity Chamber, -40C to 150C, 2.2 Cu Ft

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Espec SH-642 Temperature & Humidity Chamber, -40C to 150C, 2.2 Cu Ft Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

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The Espec SH-642 bench-top type temperature and humidity chamber features environmental testing performance in a compact design. The chamber comes with user-friendly touch panel display, allows three-way access to the chamber, and offering a broader range of options for superior expandability.  The Espec SH-642 has a temperature range that extends up to 150?, with a humidity range running from 30% to 95%rh, in a small and lightweight structure. The instrumentation comes with internal memory, to store sampling data such as temperature and humidity settings, and measured values. You can set recording ON and OFF, and its interval manually.

The controller for the Espec SH-642 allows you to register three constant test profiles, and eight program test profiles with a maximum of 99 steps per program. The door is equipped with an LED light so that the chamber can be more easily observed during testing. The chambers are equipped with unique web applications that enable chamber status to be confirmed and operated from a web browser screen (PC or tablet terminal). It is also possible to start operations with a PC or other device from a remote location. The chamber comes with I/O terminal as a standard, which allows the chamber to work in synchronization with external measuring instrumentation such as a multimeter.


Specifications for the ESPEC SH-642 Temperature and Humidity Chamber Include:

Temperature Range -40 to 150°C
Interior Volume 2.2 cu. ft./64 Liters
Interior Dimensions 15.7" x 15.7" x 15.7"
Average Change Rate 2.5°C/min heating; 1°C/min cooling


See Datasheet for full specifications


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