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Keithley 2260B-30-72
Programmable DC Power Supply, 30V, 72A, 750W

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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 2260B-30-72

Keithley 2260B-30-72 Programmable DC Power Supply, 30V, 72A, 750W

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Keithley 2260B-30-72 Programmable DC Power Supply, 30V, 72A, 750W Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

Keithley 2260B-30-72 Power Supply

Rent Keithley Programmable Dual Channel DC Power Supply, Two 30V, 72A, 750W

The Keithley 2260B-30-72 Programmable DC 750W Power Supply has constant power outputs to provide a flexible range of voltage and current output combinations. The Keithley 2260B 30 72 supplies can output as much as 30V as much as 72A current output. The wide range of output voltages and currents of the Keithley 2260B-30-72 along with multiple interfaces, enable their use in numerous applications including research and design, quality control, and production test. Use series and parallel combinations to extend the voltage output to 160V and the current to 216A when more than 80V is needed, two Keithley 2260B power supplies can be connected in series to double the maximum output voltage to 160V. Likewise, up to three Keithley 2260Bs can be connected in parallel to produce as much as 216A. To combine the Keithley 2260B-30-72 Power supply in either series or parallel, the Keithley 2260-B-30-72 is controlled using a master-slave configuration. The Keithley 2260B 30 36 power supply defined as the master unit will show the total voltage and current. Thus, multiple units used in combination can deliver up to 2160W to address numerous high power applications.

Control the voltage or current rise time to reduce inrush current and prevent device damage to prevent potentially dangerous inrush currents from flowing into loads that have low resistance when power is initially supplied, the Keithley 2260B power supplies have programmable rise time (or slew rate) control. Either the voltage rise time or the current rise time can be controlled. When operating under constant current control, the output current rise time can be programmed from a low slew rate of 0.01A/s to a maximum value of 72A/s. The programming of a current rise time puts the Keithley 2260B supplies in a constant current control pri-ority mode in which the current slew rate limits the rate at which the voltage rises across the device undertest (DUT). In addition to controlling the rise time, the fall time can also be programmed; and the fall time values can be different from the rise time values. Thus, the delivery of power to a load can be precisely controlled to prevent overshoot spikes and excessive amounts of inrush current. This capability prevents damage to components, modules, or devices and will generate more precise char-acteristic I-V curves for components such as LEDs.

Emulate the response of a battery test a circuit or device under the most realistic conditions by applying a test source with the output resistance that is equivalent to the output resistance of the actual source that will be used to power the circuit or device. For example, a battery has a varying internal resistance, and a device powered by a battery will have a voltage applied to the device that is reduced by the voltage drop across the battery’s internal resistance. Versions of the Keithley 2260B supplies can have an internal resistance up to 5.9W to simulate devices such as a lead-acid battery. Create custom voltage source waveforms an internal test sequence mode allows the Keithley 2260B supplies to output a set of voltage levels for varying time intervals at each level. The test sequence can be stored and used repeatedly to deter-mine DUT performance at number of voltage levels. In addition, the analog input control can be used to create voltage profiles that simulate how a battery responds to a fast changing load current requirement such as a large inrush current. Also, generate a combined DC output level with an AC signal superimposed on it to test how a circuit responds to noise on its DC power source. The analog input control parameter can be either a voltage input or a resistance input. With this analog control capability, numerous types of DC supply signals can be generated to test circuits and devices under a wide range of circumstances.

 The Keithley 2260B power supplies flexibility and quickly for Automated Test Systems that will work in any automated system because they can interface to a controller with either a USB, LAN, or optional GPIB interface. In conclusion, the Keithley 2260B supplies have fast discharge capability to dissipate the voltage on the output quickly. These supplies also have a fast (1ms) transient recovery time to load changes. The combination of the fast discharge time and the fast transient response helps minimize critical test time in automated test systems.

Features and Specifications of the Keithley 2260B-30-72 Power Supply includes:

  • Programmable voltage or current rise and fall times prevent damage to low impedance loads from inrush current
  • Programmable internal resistance simulates battery output
  • Constant current priority setting reduces voltage and current overshoot when powering LEDs
  • Choose from analog control, USB, LAN, or optional GPIB interface for automated control
  • Combine power supplies in serial and parallel combinations to expand voltage and current outputs up to 160V and 216A
  • Fit six 71mm wide 360W units or three 142mm wide 720W units or two 214mm wide 1080W units in a standard rack width to minimize bench and test system space applications
  • Environmental test, stress test, and accelerated life testing
  • LED and high power component testing
  • Automotive testing, battery research and test, Production test
  • Battery research and test
  • Combine power supplies in serial and parallel combinations to expand voltage and current outputs up to 160V and 216A
  • Simulate a battery’s output characteristics with a programmable output resistance
  • Display delivered power with either the output current or the output voltaget
  • 0–30 V
  • 750 W
  • 0–72A


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