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Magna-Power PQD600-5
DC Power Supply, 600V, 5A, 3300W

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Manufacturer: Magna-Power
Model: PQD600-5

Magna-Power PQD600-5 DC Power Supply, 600V, 5A, 3300W

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Magna-Power PQD600-5 DC Power Supply, 600V, 5A, 3300W Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

RENT MAGNA-POWER PQD600-5 DC Power Supply (Call for Availability)


Magna-Power Electronics’ PQ SERIES III DC power supplies combines the best of dc power processing with multiprocessor embedded control. A combination of high and medium frequency power processing technologies improves response, shrinks package size, and reduces cost. The Magna-Power PQD600-5 DC power supplies are current fed and are more tolerant to abusive loads than conventional switching power supplies. The power supply can be programmed to have its control functions accessible from the front panel, rear connector, or through RS232 communications. Sensing can be established at the output terminal of the power supply or through a rear terminal block for sensing at the load.

The Magna-Power PQD600-5 DC power supplies are designed to operate at rated load 24 hours per day. Standard air cooled units are equipped with variable speed, load dependent blowers to maintain comfortable margins for removing heat from sensitive power semiconductors. Variable speed operation maximizes fan life and a minimizes external environmental hazards. The remote interface Software is shipped with PQ SERIES III power supplies. The software provides the user with a quick method to operate a Magna-Power Electronics’ power supply under computer control.  The PQD600-5 DC power supplies have one-hundred memory states available to program voltage, current, over voltage trip, over current trip, and time period. Set points can be auto sequenced with time or external triggering. Special programming codes allow repeating to create a power function generator. The first 10 memory states are displayed on the front panel to simplify programming tasks


Specifications for the MAGNA-POWER PQD600-5 DC Power Supply Include:

Voltage Range 0 - 600V
Current Range 0 - 5A
Power 3300W
Ripple 250mV (rms)


See Datasheet for full specifications

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