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Tektronix TCP312A
Probe, AC/DC current, DC to 100 MHz, 30 A DC

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Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model: TCP312A

Tektronix TCP312A Probe, AC/DC current, DC to 100 MHz, 30 A DC

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Tektronix TCP312A Probe, AC/DC current, DC to 100 MHz, 30 A DC Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Tektronix TCP312A Current Probe is a split-core probe that uses both transformer and Hall effect technology. When connected to Tektronix oscilloscopes with TEKPROBE Level II, TekConnect (w/ TCA-BNC), or TekVPI (w/ TPA-BNC) interfaces, the Tektronix TCP312A probe makes current measurements and calculations simple and easy.

Features and Specifications of the TCP31A Current Probe include:

  • Features:
    • AC/DC measurement capabilities
    • Automatic Scaling and Units - Oscilloscope on-screen readout of magnitude and amps reduces measurement errors with no more hand calculations
    • AC/DC input coupling
    • Low insertion impedance reduces DUT loading
    • Split-core design allows easy circuit connection
    • Status indicators provide visual operating status and notification of potential error conditions including:
      • Degauss, probe open, overload, not terminated into 50 Ω, noncompatible probe type
    • Low DC drift and noise allows improved low-level current measurements
    • Applications:
      • Development and analysis solutions for designers, installers, and service personnel in telecomm, data comm, computer, and semiconductor power electronics environments for:
        • Power supplies (switching and linear)
        • Semiconductor devices (SCRs, IGBTs, MOSFETs, CMOS, BJTs)
        • Power inverters/converters
        • Electronic ballasts
        • Industrial/consumer electronics
        • Mobile communications (phone, satellite, relay stations)
        • Motor drives
        • Transportation systems (electronic vehicles, electronic trains, locomotives, avionics)
  • Specifications of the TCP312A Probe w/ TCPA300 Amplifier:
    • Bandwidth:  DC - 100 MHz
    • Rise Time:  ≤3.5 ns
    • DC Accuracy:  ±3% of reading
    • DC Accuracy, typical:  ±1% of reading
    • Lowest measureable current (at ±3% accuracy at DC) and Scope set to 1 mV/div and 20 MHz BW limited:  1 mA
    • Maximum Amp-Second product, typical (Based on amplifier range setting:
      • 50 AμS - 1 A/V
      • 500 AμS - 10 A/V
    • Maximum wire voltage, bare insulated: 
      • 150 V CAT ll
      • 300 V CAT ll
    • AC-coupling low-frequency and Bandwidth, typical (Low pass - 3 dB point:  
    • Displayed RMS noise, typical (at 20 MHz bandwith limit): ≤250 μARMS
    • Signal delay (to output BNC):  17 ns
    • Insertion Impedance:
      • 0.11 Ω at 1 MHz
      • 0.12 Ω at 10 MHz
      • 0.35 Ω at 50 MHz
      • 0.7 Ω at 100 MHz
    • Maximum current ratings:
      • High-current sensitivity:
        • Range:  10 A/V
        • DC (continuous):  30 A
        • RMS (sinusoidal):  21.2 A
        • Peak:  50 A
      • Low-current sensitivity:
        • Range:  1 A/V
        • DC (continuous):  5 A
        • RMS (sinusoidal):  3.5 A
        • Peak:  50 A



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