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Teledyne LeCroy WAVEPULSER 40IX
High-Speed Interconnect Analyzer, DC to 40 GHz

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Manufacturer: Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy WAVEPULSER 40IX High-Speed Interconnect Analyzer, DC to 40 GHz

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Teledyne LeCroy WAVEPULSER 40IX High-Speed Interconnect Analyzer, DC to 40 GHz Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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  • BUNDLE - Signal Integrity Hardware and Software Kit
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Product Overview

RENT TELADYNE LECROY WAVEPULSER 40iX Interconnect Analyzer (Call for Availability)


The Teladyne Lecroy WavePulser 40iX is the ideal single measurement tool for high-speed hardware designers and test engineers. Neither VNAs (the "gold standard" for microwave or narrow-band device measurements) or TDRs (the traditional measurement instrument of the signal integrity engineer) have all the necessary features and capabilities. WavePulser 40iX comes standard with a deep analysis toolbox specifically tailored for understanding high-speed interconnect characteristics. WavePulser 40iX is fast to calibrate and simple to use.

With a bandwidth from DC to 40 GHz, the Lecroy WavePulser 40iX delivers TDR step response and time-gated and/or emulated physical-layer responses with no need for extrapolation to DC and low frequencies, which is ideal for interconnection systems. WavePulser 40iX is designed specifically for high-speed interconnect analysis. It validates, debugs, and troubleshoots interconnectivity issues in serial-data cables, channels, connectors, vias, backplanes, printed-circuit boards, and chip and SoC packages. It is simple to set up and use.


Specifications for the TELADYNE LECROY WAVEPULSER 40iX Interconnect Analyzer Include:

Frequency Range DC to 40 GHz
Impulse/Step Rise Time 8.5 ps
Spatial Resolution < 1 mm
Number of Ports 4


See Datasheet for full specifications



As always - thanks for your rapid response and support.

-- Dave O.
Tuscon, AZ

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For the first time in a long time, can I just say thanks for the excellent unit you sold me even better than the one in the picture. Fantastic to deal with a honest human for a change.

Walter R.

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