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Manufacturer: Voltech
Model: PM6000

Voltech PM6000 Power Analyzer, Multi-Phase

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Voltech PM6000 Power Analyzer, Multi-Phase Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

The Voltech PM6000 Multi-Phase Power Analyzer provides definitive measurements of all electrical power quantities on all products that consume, convert or generate electrical power. The Voltech PM6000 combines years of power measurement expertise with the digital signal processing technology to provide a unique combination of measurement and reporting features that will solve a multitude of power measurement problems.

The Voltech PM6000 Power Analyzer is ideal for measurements on power supplies, from wall chargers to UPS and high power converters. The PM6000 makes accurate measurements on all waveforms including those heavily distorted by the rectification and smoothing at power supply inputs.

Features of the Voltech PM6000 Power Analyzer include:

  • Up to six wattmeter channels configurable as required, for example AC input plus 5 DC outputs or three-phase input and output.
  • 0.02% reading and 0.05% range accuracy
  • Accurate on all waveforms.
  • Accurate at low power factors. (<0.01)
  • Bandwidth: 10 MHz
  • Samples continuously, without gaps at 5 MSPS so there is no missing data during integration or low-power standby measurements.
  • Sampling at 40 MHz (5 MHz minimum) for error-free results
  • Outstanding rejection of common-mode signals for accuracy in all applications
  • A bright color display and intuitive menu system for ease of use
  • Connectivity: RS232, Printer, Ethernet

Measurements include:

  • W:

Real or True Power in Watts

  • Vrms: True rms Voltage
  • Arms: True rms Amps
  • Freq: Frequency
  • PF: Power Factor
  • VA: Apparent Power
  • VAr: Reactive Volt-Amperes
  • f: Fundamental or 1st harmonic
  • Harm: Harmonics of power, volts and amps
  • THD: Total Harmonic Distortion (with options for different formulae)
  • Pk: Voltage and current peak
  • CF: Voltage and current crest factor (pk / rms)
  • Z: Impedance
  • Vrmn: Rectified mean voltage
  • Armn: Rectified mean current
  • Max / Min: Holds Maximum and Minimum values Ideal for Inrush testing
  • Math: The math menu can be used to calculate efficiency from channel to channel or to make complex calculations such as transformer k factors
  • Integrator: For W-h consumption of electrical appliances and low-power standby measurements
  • Datalog: Log of all measurements to memory, optional hard disk or floppy in a spreadsheet compatible file
  • Note: Using the 1A shunts the PM6000 can use any Voltech current transformer because all of Voltech's transformers convert to 1A. The PM6000 is programmable to show the actual current through the current transformer rather than the 1A current shunt.

    For Example: If you needed to measure currents up to 100A you could choose the CL100 clamp-on current transformers which have 100A capability and 100:1 ratio. You would then program it to display 1 to 100 amps on that channel and plug the CL100 into the 1A shunt. All of Voltech's current transformers scale down to 0 to 1 Amp. (Non Voltech products can also be used with the PM6000 as long as their output is 0 to 1 Amp).

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