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Arbiter 931A
Power System Analyzer

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Manufacturer: Arbiter
Model: 931A

Arbiter 931A Power System Analyzer

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Product Overview


The Arbiter 931A Power Analyzer, with Digital Signal Analysis capability, makes more measurements, more accurately, at a low price. It has a basic accuracy of 0.05 % of reading and 0.05 ° phase, harmonic analysis, and full 3-phase capability, all of which are standard features. The Arbiter 931A also incorporate full two-way serial communication for use in power quality trend monitoring. The 931A expands usability by including transducer calibration and timer features, not commonly found on other Power Analyzers.

The Arbiter 931A, features PowerDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis, which measures all of the basic parameters of power testing: true-rms voltage and current, frequency and phase angle, as well as power parameters such as watts (W), watthours (Wh), volt-amperes (VA), volt-ampere hours (VAh), volt-amperes reactive (VAR), volt-amperes reactive hours (VARh), and power factor (PF), all with 0.11 % basic accuracy.

With the 931A, you can measure harmonics and view the results graphically on the high contrast 240x64 graphic display. The two channels are normalized to Channel 1 fundamental phase, so you can see, for example, the relationship between current waveform distortions and voltage phase.

Other key functions include a timer/counter for measuring relay operating times, elapsed test times, or for counting input rates and events. The 931A include a full three-phase input section, for automated three-phase measurement sequences, complete with multiple display modes. 

Key features of the Arbiter 931A Power Analyzer include:

  • Measures basic and power quantities
  • High accuracy
  • Field ready
  • Multiple display options including three phase displays
    • Basic three-phase display - Voltage, current, phase, frequency and power quantities on one convenient display.
    • Vector display - view voltages, currents and phase angles with their vector representation.
    • Voltage/Current Sequence display - view voltage, current and phase along with positive, negative and zero sequence values.
    • Energy display - view voltage, current, phase, frequency and energy quantities on one convenient display.
  • Power Trend Monitor and recording system - verify phase relation, phase rotation, power direction, load balance and more
  • Transducer Calibration supported
  • CT/PT Ratios
  • Extended Measurement Ranges


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