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Chroma 19057-20
DC Hipot Analyzer, 20kV

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Manufacturer: Chroma
Model: 19057-20

Chroma 19057-20 DC Hipot Analyzer, 20kV

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Chroma 19057-20 DC Hipot Analyzer, 20kV Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

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The Chroma 19057-20 Hipot Analyzer is specifically designed for testing and analyzing ultra-high withstand voltage. This model includes 20 kVdc with maximum 10mA output capable of performing AC/DC withstand voltage and insulation resistance tests as well as contact check for production line testing. In addition to the patented Open Short Check (OSC), High Voltage Contact Check is added to test the components with high insulation capability for high voltage output to improve the testing reliability and efficiency. The Hipot Analyzer mainly provides high withstand voltage test and analysis for optical couplers, HV relays, HV switches, and PV modules components, which have better insulation capability.

Charge and discharge are required for capacitive components when conducting the DC withstand voltage test. The Chroma 19057-20 Hipot Analyzers have fast charging functions that can increase the production test efficiency. The unit includes a Flashover (ARC) detection function allowing discharge level analysis through the start voltage, end voltage, and number of steps and time. Discharge Level Analysis (DLA) mode provides detection of Flashover (ARC) and Breakdown (high limit). In addition, external Oscilloscopes can be used with the unit to check the waveform at the same time during analysis. Analysis of the test results the 19057-20 Hipot Analyzer provides allows R&D engineers the knowledge to increase quality and performance of insulation components.


Specifications for the CHROMA 19057 DC Hipot Analyzer Include:

Output Voltage (Withstand Test) DC: 0.1~20kV
Cutoff Current 0.0001~10mA
Output Voltage (Insulation Resistance) DC : 0.1 ~ 5kV
Detection Current DC : 1mA~10mA


See Datasheet for full specifications

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