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Associated Research OMNIA II 8257
Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer, 7-in-1 500 VA

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Manufacturer: Associated Research
Model: OMNIA II 8257

Associated Research OMNIA II 8257 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer, 7-in-1 500 VA

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Associated Research OMNIA II 8257 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer, 7-in-1 500 VA Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Associated Research OMNIA II 8257 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer provides AC Hipot (500VA), DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond / Continuity, Fuinctional Run, and Line Leakage tests in a single DUT connection. The 8257 includes a 500VA AC power source which is built-in. An optional built-in 8 port scanner is available on the OMNIA II 8257. Designed around the way you test, the OMNI II 8257 is unique as your application and provides you with customizable features and unmatched functionality.

Features and Specifications of the Associated Research OMNIA II 8257 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer include:


  • Comes standard with an USB/RS-232 interface
  • Available with optional Ethernet or GPIB
  • Color TFT display that makes setting up test files, viewing results and performing tests easier than ever
  • Customizable My Menu Interface
  • DualCHEK® simultaneous ground bond and hipot tests
  • Interconnection to scanning matrix
  • Storage of up to 10,000 test steps
  • Patented SmartGFI® function
  • Patented prompt and hold function
  • Patented CAL-ALERT® function 
  • Patented VERI-CHECK® function
  • 40-Amp ground bond
  • Dual function ground bond and ground continuity
  • Built-in real current measurement
  • 4-Wire measurement
  • AC/DC Hipot leakage current offset
  • Meets 200 mA short circuit requirements
  • True RMS current readings


  • Input:
    • Voltage:  115 / 230V auto-range, ± 15% variation
    • Frequency:  50/60 Hz ± 5%
    • Fuse:  115 VAC, 230VAC - 10A Slow-Blo 250VAC
  • Test functionality:  
    • 5 kV 100 mAAC Hipot (500VA)
    • 5 kV 20 mADC Hipot
    • Insulation Resistance 
    • 40 Amp Ground Bond
    • Run Test Mode
    • Line Leakage Test Mode
    • AC Power Source
  • General Specifications:  
    • PLC Remote Control:
      • Input:  Test, Reset, Interlock, Recall File 1 through 3
      • Output:  Pass, Fail, Test-in-Process
    • Safety:  Built-in Smart GFI circuit
    • Memory:  10,000 steps
    • Interface:  Standard USB/RS-232, Ethernet, or GPIB  
    • Security:  Advanced security system with access levels and username/password requirements
    • Alarm Volume Setting:  
      • Range:  0-9
        • 0 = OFF
        • 1 is softest volume and 9 is loudest volume
    • Calibration:
      • Adjustments are made through the front panel
      • Automatic calibration alert function to signal operator when calibration is due
    • Mechanical:  Bench or rack mount with tilt up front teeth


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