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Keithley 7001
Switch System Mainframe, 2 Channel

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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 7001

Keithley 7001 Switch System Mainframe, 2 Channel

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Product Overview

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The Keithley 7001 Switch System Mainframe is a half-rack, high density, two-slot mainframe that supports the widest range of signals in the test and measurement industry. DC switching capabilities from nanovolts to 1100V and femtoamps to 5A, as well as RF and optical switch support, make the Keithely 7001 a versatile production test tool for a wide array of applications.

Built-in scan control eliminates the need for the computer to control every step of the test procedure. Simply program the Keithley 7001 to control channel spacing, scan spacing, and the number of scans. A built-in non-volatile memory stores up to 100 complete switch patterns. You can include these memory locations as part of the scan list.

Up to 80 channels of 2-pole switching. Each slot of the 7001 can accommodate up to 40 channels. This means fewer switch cards are required, reducing the amount of switching hardware needed. Higher density also provides extra capacity and flexibility.

Analog backplane. The 7001’s analog backplane is used by the high density switch cards. The backplane eliminates intercard wiring and increases configuration flexibility. Two cards can be connected through the backplane to create a 1×80 multiplexer, a 4×20 matrix, or a multiplexer/matrix combination that provides matrix row expansion.

Channel status display. See the status of every channel simultaneously. The vacuum fluorescent display of the 7001 shows the open/close status of each channel in the mainframe simultaneously. The graphical display pattern makes it much easier to configure a test system, make modifications, or debug an existing program. The status of the cards in both slots is displayed side by side on the same screen.

Easy to set up and use. The 7001 has a number of built-in features that make it easy to set up, run, change, or modify. It conforms to IEEE-488.2 and SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments). All aspects of the instrument can be programmed from the front panel and over the IEEE bus.

Trigger Link. Trigger Link is a high speed trigger bus that provides simple trigger coordination between the Model 7001 and other instruments. This bus eliminates GPIB communication delays during scanning to increase overall system throughput dramatically.

More than 30 cards available. The 7001 switch cards accommodate a broad range of signals, maintain very high accuracy, and will not degrade signal quality. By minimizing signal errors, these cards will prevent degradation due to offset voltage, isolation resistance, and leakage current. With its broad range of available cards, the Keithley 7001 provides multi-pole switching. Cards such as the 7011 can be used in either 2- or 4-pole configuration. If a card does not have the pole capacity required, the 7001 can still accommodate the application—just select the CARD PAIR function. It allows the channel closures in both slots to be synchronized for up to 8-pole switching.

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