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Rohde & Schwarz ESW44
EMI Test Receiver, 2 Hz to 44 GHz

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Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model: ESW44

Rohde & Schwarz ESW44 EMI Test Receiver, 2 Hz to 44 GHz

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Rohde & Schwarz ESW44 EMI Test Receiver, 2 Hz to 44 GHz Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Rohde & Schwarz ESW44 is an EMI Test Receiver with outstanding RF characteristics, including high dynamic range und measurement accuracy. It meets the most stringent requirements for certification measurements in line with CISPR, EN, MIL-STD-461, DO-160 and FCC. With its FFT-based time domain scan, the R&S ESW44 captures and weights disturbance spectra in virtually no time. The instrument’s realtime spectrum analysis capability with spectrogram function permits a detailed analysis of disturbance signals and their history. MultiView mode delivers a straightforward display of results, even for multiple operating modes.

The Rohde & Schwarz ESW44 EMI Receiver is ideal for demanding EMI certification measurements as required in the automotive and A&D sectors. It features the widest dynamic range with a high 1 dB compression point and high sensitivity due to its low inherent noise. The preselection in the R&S®ESW offers additional highpass filters at 150 kHz and 2 MHz as well as notch filters specifically for the licensefree ISM bands at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. It is thus ensured that high carrier signals in these bands – which are used by Bluetooth® and WLAN, for example – do not affect the instrument’s dynamic range, and that even small disturbance signals outside these bands are detected.

The R&S ESW44 comes with an FFT-based time domain scan as standard. Measurements that previously took minutes or hours are completed in just seconds. Even measurements that use two CISPR detectors (quasipeak, CISPR-average, RMS-average) are possible, cutting overall measurement time in half. The R&S®ESW combines the functions of an EMI test receiver with those of a full-featured spectrum analyzer in a single instrument. Realtime spectrum analysis (R&S®ESW-K55 option) with a bandwidth of 80 MHz allows users to detect hidden or superimposed disturbances and analyze their causes using persistence mode and a frequency mask trigger. The spectrogram function provides seamless spectrum display in the time domain, making even rapidly changing disturbance signals visible. This saves considerable time and cost during product development and certification.

With the MultiView function, users can display different measurements and traces – including in different operating modes – simultaneously and in a straightforward manner. Clearly structured, flat menus and the touchscreen simplify operation.

Key specifications and features of the R&S ESW44 include:

  • Frequency range 2 Hz to 44 GHz
  • Compliant with CISPR16-1-1, ANSIC63.2, MIL-STD-461 and FCC
  • Highest dynamic range and highest accuracy for demanding certification measurement
  • Ultrafast measurements with FFT-based time domain scan
  • Preselection with selectable highpass filters and notch filters for the ISM bands
  • EMI test receiver and signal and spectrum analyzer in a single box
  • Realtime spectrum analysis (K55 option) with 80 MHz bandwidth and spectrogram function
  • MultiView function for straightforward display of multiple operating modes on a single screen
  • Exceptionally wide dynamic range
  • Low DANL (typ. –168 dBm for f ≤ 1 GHz)
  • High 1 dB compression point (+15 dBm) for RF frontend
  • High third-order intercept (TOI) (typ. +25 dBm)
  • Superior measurement accuracy (±0.37 dB for f ≤ 8 GHz)
  • Integrated preselection filters (21 filters) as standard
  • Additional highpass filter at 2 MHz for suppressing data carriers and disturbance signals on AC supply lines
  • Notch filters for suppressing strong carrier signals in the license-free 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM bands

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Great RF Test Equipment, in very good condition. I am very satisfied with the purchase and also with your management. It has been a pleasure to do business with you, and I hope to go on.

-- Jose

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