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Rohde & Schwarz ESU40
EMI Test Receiver, 20 Hz - 40 GHz

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Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model: ESU40

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Rohde & Schwarz ESU40 EMI Test Receiver, 20 Hz - 40 GHz Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

The R&S ESU40 is part of a new family of CISPR16-1-1-compliant EMI test receivers that meet all civil and military standards for electromagnetic interference measurements. The new FFT-based time-domain scan allows users to perform overview measurements up to 150 times faster than on previous EMI test receivers. The R&S ESU also features automatic and interactive measurement functions, realtime IF analysis and parallel detectors including the new CISPR-RMS detector.

Features of the Rohde & Schwarz ESU40 EMI Receiver include:

Performance features

  • Frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 40 GHz
  • Excellent RF characteristics
  • Very low measurement uncertainty
  • Full compliance with CISPR 16-1-1 standard
  • All commercial and military standards met

Measurement speed

  • Extremely short total measurement times with time-domain scan (FFT) option
  • Fast overview measurements in analyzer mode (sweep time min. 2.5 ms)
  • Receiver mode with parallel realtime IF analysis
  • Fast time-domain analysis (resolution starting at 10 µs, monitoring time >2 h)
  • Remote control via GPIB and LAN (Ethernet)

Innovative engineering

  • All EMC detectors incl. CISPR-AV and CISPR-RMS
  • Fully automatic measurements (preview/final measurement)
  • Integrated report generator (PDF, HTML, RTF file format)
  • Windows XP, USB interfaces e.g. for memory stick
  • Removable hard disk (flash card) optional

The integrated time-domain (FFT) scan is a method for high-speed overview measurements. It allows the R&S ESU40 to measure the EMI spectrum with a huge speed advantage compared to a receiver or spectrum analyzer with similar settings. The implementation of FFT-based test methods can decrease measurement time by 10 to 100 times. This extremely high-rate preview measurement yields higher throughput and lower costs per measurement. The time-domain scan is available as an option to the ESU.

In addition to the time-domain scan, the ESU40 integrates full spectrum analysis and EMI receiver functionality. The three models, the R&S ESU8, R&S ESU26, and R&S ESU40 cover frequency ranges of 20 Hz to 8 GHz, 26.5 GHz, and 40 GHz, respectively. Each model is equipped with a secondary pulse-resistant RF input for conducted emissions measurements from 20 Hz to 1 GHz. All models contain preselection, which is essential for standards-compliant EMI measurements, and an internal preamplifier up to 3.6 GHz.

The Rohde & Schwarz ESU40 also offers a complete set of parallel detectors, including CISPR-Ave and the new CISPR-RMS detector. All detectors (peak, AV, quasi-peak, CISPR-Ave, RMS, and CISPR-RMS) are implemented digitally, which improves stability.

The ESU40 includes an on-board report generator with editable templates and a preview function for checking results. The user can print the report directly or save it in different formats (PDF, RTF or HTML) to the internal hard disk or to external memory via USB.

For manual measurements, the R&S ESU40 features a large, TFT LCD that provides all information at a glance. The traditional bar graph display for up to four parallel detectors shows real-time amplitudes as well as the maximum hold value for each detector. The lower part of the screen shows either the complete RF interference spectrum with limit lines or the real-time IF spectrum for analysis. IF analysis helps identify modulation characteristics and shows a representation of the interference spectrum (such as ambient interference) near the signal of interest.


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