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RF Preselector

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Manufacturer: Keysight / Agilent / HP
Model: N9039A

Keysight / Agilent N9039A RF Preselector

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Keysight / Agilent N9039A RF Preselector Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

RENT KEYSIGHT N9039A (Agilent) RF Preselector (call to configure your EMI Measurement System)

The Keysight N9039A (Agilent) RF Preselector is a required part of the Agilent EMI measurement receiver system consisting of an E4440A series PSA with option 239, N9039A RF preselector and a signal source for filter alignment. A disk is provided with regulatory limit lines for most of the agencies and typical correction factors for a wide variety of transducers. The EMI measurement receiver is CISPR 16-1-1 2006 compliant.


  • 8.5 dBuV radiated bands sensitivity (120 kHz RBW, 10dB Atten) (typical)
  • ±1.2 dB Absolute amplitude accuracy
  • 1.2:1 input VSWR
  • +9 dBm TOI (typical)


  • RF preselection 9 kHz to 1 GHz with N9039A for CISPR 16-1-1 Compliance
  • Dual Window display for a closer look
  • CISPR bandwidths and detectors
  • Transducer factor corrections and limit lines with margins

Additional Receiver Enhancements

  • Transient protection in filter mode
  • RF Preselector gain and step attenuation in 2.5 dB steps
  • Filter alignment using external signal source

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