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Manufacturer: Fluke
Model: 5700A

Fluke 5700A Calibrator

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Product Overview

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The Fluke 5700A Calibrator is a precise instrument / calibration standard used to calibrate a wide variety of electrical measuring instruments. The Fluke 5700A maintains high accuracy over a wide ambient temperature range, allowing it to test instruments in any environment, eliminating the restrictions to calibrate only in a temperature controlled standards laboratory. With the 5700A, you can calibrate precision multimeters that measure ac or dc voltage, ac or dc current, and resistance.

Features and Specifications of the Fluke 5700A Calibrator include:

  • Ranges:
    • DC voltage to 1100 V
    • AC voltage to 1100 V, with output available from 10 Hz to 1 MHz
    • AC and DC current to 2.2 A, with output available from 10 Hz to 10 kHz
    • Resistance in values of 1x10n and 1.9x10n from 1 O to 100 MO, plus a short
    • Option 03: Wideband AC voltage from 300 µV to 3.5 V into 50 O (-57 dBm to +24 dBm), 10 Hz to 30 MHz
  • Internal environmentally-controlled references allowing the calibrator to maintain full performance over a wide ambient temperature range
  • Automatic meter error calculation obtained through using a simple output adjust knob; the display shows linearity, offset, and scale errors
  • Keys that multiply and divide the output value by 10 to simplify work on meters with calibration points at decade multiples of a fraction of full-scale
  • Programmable entry limits used for restricting the levels that can be keyed into the calibrator, preventing access to levels that may be harmful to equipment or personnel
  • An auxiliary current binding post that allows you to calibrate meters with separate current inputs without moving cables
  • Real-time clock and calendar for date stamping reports
  • Offset and scaling modes that simplify linearity testing of multimeters
  • Variable phase reference signal output and phase-lock input
  • Interface for the Fluke 5725A Amplifier
  • IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface
  • Selectable normal remote mode or emulation of the Fluke 5100B and 5200A Series calibrators in functions and response to system controller software
  • RS-232C serial data interface for printing, displaying, or transferring internally-stored calibration constants, and for remote control of the calibrator
  • A traceable calibration procedure for all modes and ranges that requires only 10 V, 1 O, and 10 kO external standards, with only occasional independent verification
  • Fast, simple, automated calibration check providing added confidence between calibration recalls, and data that can be used to document and characterize the calibrator's performance between calibration recalls
  • 100, 110, 115, 120, 200, 220, 230, or 240 Vac ±10%; 47-63 Hz operation

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