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ESI SR1050
High Resistance Standard

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Manufacturer: ESI
Model: SR1050

ESI SR1050 High Resistance Standard

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Product Overview

ESI SR1050

recise transfer measurements up to 110MO relative to a single 100kO resistance standard can be obtained with the ESI SR1050 High-Resistance Transfer Standard. The SR1050 is available in two models: 1MO and 10MO resistance sections.

Based on a unique method for establishing known ratios, the SR1050 standard utilizes a transfer technique that consists of switching
resistance sections in parallel, series or series-parallel sections. An outstanding design feature is a structure in which the only insulation leakage paths (other than those within each resistance section) are from the external terminals to ground. This eliminates insulation leakage errors  in the transfer of calibration from one resistance level to another using  three-terminal measurement techniques. 
A specially designed lever switch provides a convenient means of switching into parallel and series-parallel configuration without introducing insulation leakage errors. External shorting or paralleling bars are not necessary. Each resistance section consists of precision wire-wound resistors connected in series. The reduced heat concentration of the series connection improves the thermal characteristics of a resistance element with an already  low temperature coefficient.

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