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Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model: UPV

Rohde & Schwarz UPV Audio Analyzer

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Product Overview

The Rohde & Schwarz UPV Audio Analyzer features the ability to measure both digital and analog interfaces. Although audio signals are mainly processed digitally tdoay, analog technology remains a viable alternative that is continues to be enhanced.

The R&S UPV performs nearly all measurements that occur in the audio world, ranging from frequency response measurements through distortion and spectral display to the analysis of digital interfaces. Several measurement functions can be performed and displayed simultaneously; in contrast to numerous other audio analyzers, all measurements in the audio frequency range are performed as true dual-channel measurements, cutting the measurement time for stereo applications by half.

The UPV generator is just as versatile, creating any conceivable signal from sinewave to noise; these signals can also be output with a user-selectable nominal frequency response.

The generators of the R&S UPV create a wide variety of analog and digital  test signals (digital requires option B2):

  • Sinewave signals
  • Intermodulation signals
  • Burst signals
  • Noise
  • DC voltage
  • Dual-channel sinewave signals

The Rohde & Schwarz UPV Audio Analyzer provides extensive measurement functions on analog and digital (option B2) interfaces:

  • Level measurement
  • Selective level measurement
  • SINAD or THD+N measurement
  • Distortion measurement (THD)
  • Modulation factor and DFD
  • DC voltage measurement
  • Frequency, phase and group delay measurement
  • Waveform function
  • FFT analysis

The R&S UPV is an all in one instrument with an integrated control PC, making it easy to transport. Since the instrument comes factory ready, it merely needs to be unpacked and switched on before it can be placed into service. Peripherals are not required, since all essential equipment is included:

  • Hard disk
  • CD/DVD combo drive
  • LAN interface
  • Four USB connectors
  • Connectors for keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer

Flexible operation

  • The R&S UPV (Windows XP Embedded operating system) is equipped with a modern and intuitive user interface. The large screen plays a key role, not only for displaying measurement results. All settings are made in panels that contain all functions and settings that are used together. Five different screen settings are available. Switching between these screens is possible at a keystroke, permitting fast access to the individ-ual panels without jamming the screen display. The size of the panels and their position on the screen can be changed at any time. The default settings of the instrument, such as audio interface configuration, are located in separate panels; once the settings are made, they can be hidden for the remaining measurement. To make the user's task easier, only function blocks that are currently required are displayed; all other function blocks remain in the background. For example, sweep parameters are displayed in the generator panel only after the sweep function has been selected. The entire instrument can be operated via the front panel, where the rotary knob plays a pivotal role. By using only one hand, users can navigate within the panels. A function can be selected by pressing the rotary knob. Numeric values can be varied directly by using the rotary knob, which is of enormous advantage when making adjustments. Softkeys at the bottom of the screen permit fast access to changing functions, e.g. with graphical display. As with Windows applications, the R&S® UPV can also be operated via an external keyboard and/or mouse. Since the operating philosophy is easy to understand and since analog and digital measurements are performed in a similar manner, users can quickly master instrument operation.

All measurement results at a glance

  • Realtime display of measurement results for one or both channels and multiple measurement functions
  • Scalable graphical windows that can be moved on the screen
  • Multiple measurement diagrams simultaneously available (e.g. analyses in the frequency and time domains can be displayed simultane-ously)
  • Read-out of graphics with vertical and horizontal cursors as well as superposition and comparison with limit lines or stored measurement results

Spefications of the Rohde & Schwarz UPV Audio Analyzer include:

  • Analog
    • Dual Channel Analyzer: up to 250 kHz bandwidth
    • Generation of sinewave signals: up to 185 kHz single channel  (requires B1) and up to 80 kHz dual channel
    • FFT Noise Floor: < -140dB
    • Inherent Frequency Response (20 Hz to 20 kHz): ± 0.01dB
  • Digital
    • AES/EBU Interface: up to 192 kHz sampling rate
    • Dynamic Range: >170dB
  • Functions:
    • Dual Channel Signal Generation
    • Dual Channel Analysis
    • Analog and Digital Measurements
    • FFT Analysis up to 256 k points

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