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Audio Precision APX586
Audio Analyzer, 16 Channel

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Manufacturer: Audio Precision
Model: APX586

Audio Precision APX586 Audio Analyzer, 16 Channel

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Audio Precision APX586 Audio Analyzer, 16 Channel Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Available Option Configurations


  • APX-DSIO - Digital serial I/O
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Product Overview

RENT AUDIO PRECISION APx586 Audio Analyzer (call for availability)

The Audio Precision APx586 Analyzer is a true multichannel audio analyzer, with 16 simultaneous analog outputs and inputs. It is ideal for designing and testing consumer devices such as home theater receivers or pro devices such as mixing consoles. No other audio analyzer is faster or easier to use for multichannel audio. A multichannel analyzer allows not just faster testing, but also a complete picture of performance that a two channel analyzer with switchers might miss, such as output sag across channels during full power output tests or phase and crosstalk interactions.

Features and Specifications of the Audio Precision APx586 Audio Analyzer include:

  • Super fast testing of a wide range of multichannel devices
  • Measure one-to-many or many-to-one crosstalk & phase across all channels
  • Measure maximum power across all channels over time
  • Supports switchers for 192 maximum channel capacity
  • Typical THD+N < –107 dB across all channels
  • Systematic test of HDMI & Dolby/DTS compliance
  • Multichannel, multiple format chip-level connectivity
  • One-click measurements, rich graphing, intuitive UI
  • Easy automation or API using VB.NET, C#.NET or LabVIEW
  • Stream multichannel linear or Dolby TrueHD, dts-HD, other coded formats
  • Export graphs & results into formatted MS Word reports
  • System Performance:
      • Residual THD+N (20 kHz BW):   –103 dB + 1.4 µV
        Typical <–107 dB (1 kHz, 2.5 V)
  • General Performance:
      • Sine Frequency Range:  5 Hz to 80.1 kHz
      • Frequency Accuracy:  3 ppm
      • IMD Test Signals:  SMPTE, MOD, DFD
      • Maximum Amplitude (balanced):  14.4 Vrms
      • Amplitude Accuracy:  ±0.05 dB
      • Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz):  ±0.008 dB
      • Analog Output Configurations:  unbalanced & balanced
      • Digital Output Sampling Rate:  22 kHz–192 kHz
      • Dolby / DTS Generator:  Yes
  • Analyzer Performance:
      • Maximum Rated Input Voltage:  110 Vrms (bal/unbal)
      • Maximum Bandwidth:  >90 kHz
      • IMD Measurement Capability:  SMPTE, MOD, DFD
      • Amplitude Accuracy (1 kHz):  ±0.05 dB
      • Amplitude Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz):  ±0.008 dB
      • Residual Input Noise (20 kHz BW):  1.3 µV
      • Individual Harmonic Analyzer:  d2–d10
      • Max FFT Length:  1024K points
      • DC Voltage Measurement:  Yes

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