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Milmega 80RF1000-175
RF Amplifier, 80-1000MHz, 175W

Amplifiers - RF and Microwave >> 1 GHz or Less and 101 Watt to 999 Watt >> RF Amplifier, 80-1000MHz, 175W
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Manufacturer: Milmega
Model: 80RF1000-175

Milmega 80RF1000-175 RF Amplifier, 80-1000MHz, 175W

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Milmega 80RF1000-175 RF Amplifier, 80-1000MHz, 175W Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

RENT MILMEGA 80RF1000-175 RF AMPLIFIER (Call for Availability)

The Milmega 80RF1000-175 RF Amplifier, with its state of the art and innovative technology that provides superior harmonic performance, superb phase and amplitude stability, and unrivalled power density, delivers the quality and reliability you can count on.

Features and Specifications of the Milmega 80RF1000-175 RF Amplifier include:

  • Features:
    • Reliable power:
      • Unbeatable power density (creates rack space for other upgrade instruments)
      • Will maintain forward power into any load condition, without damage
      • Combiner/coupler integration as standard allows samples of incident and reflected power to be measured with virtually no loss
      • 100% tested into exceptional load conditions
      • 100% tested into short and open circuit
      • All output powers are quoted as 'minimum,' no typical data is used
    • High visibility status and power indicators:
      • Incorporates colour led bar graph displays on the front panel giving an indication of incident and reflected power
      • Front panel indicators provide information on the operational status of the unit
    • Built-in protection:
      • Extensive internal monitoring protects the amplifier
      • Run Cool mechanical design
      • Incorporates an interlock function which disables RF output when activated
      • Safety interlock connector is provided via a rear panel D connector
    • Other features:
      • Wide bandwidth required for fast pulse edges
      • Superb phase and amplitude stability
      • Superior harmonic performance
      • Cable free motherboard which combines with the latest GaN transistor technology for exceptional, proven reliability
      • Remote operation via IEEE, USB, Ethernet or RS232
      • Front or rear panel connectors (drop-in replacement)
      • Amplifiers are upgradeable in power up to 1kW
    • Applications:
      • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):
        • New and upgraded RF immunity systems   
        • Guarantees linear power at the start of the test band to counteract the low gain of antennas under test
        • Assures retention of test field integrity under all test conditions
      • Communications Testing / Wireless Telecom Industry:
        • Provides muli-watt low ACPR 3rd and 4th generation wireless signals for use in RF module optimisation and ACPR testing
        • Provides the low IM3 tones required for PIM measurement 
        • Provides 100% forward power indefinitely into the severe mismatches that can occur during module alignment / component testing
      • High Energy Physics:  
        • Key component in powering the longitudinal feedback loop by providing precision pulses of RF to 'kick' particles as they pass repeatedly around the accelerator ring
        • Provides wide bandwidth required for fast pulse edges
        • Provides phase amplitude stability
        • Modular design allows ease of assesment and module replacement
      • Electronic Warfare:  
        • Drop-in replacement for aging TWTAs in ground and vehicular-borne electronic counter measure (ECM) systems
  • Specifications:
    • Power:   
      • Psat (minimum):  155W
      • Psat (minimum):  51.9 dBm
      • P1dB (minimum): 150W
      • P1dB (minimum):  51.7 dBm
    • Noise figure (maximum):  10.0 dB 
    • Gain variation:  ± 3.5 dB
    • Harmonic distortion (typical) at P1bd (minimum):  -20 dBc
    • Power consumption:  2000 VA Max
    • Primary power:  100-240 V (47-63Hz)
    • RF input:  Type N female
    • RF output:  Type N female

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