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PCTEL IBFLEX SeeGull Scanning Receiver

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PCTEL IBFLEX SeeGull Scanning Receiver Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Available Option Configurations


  • 08902S-E - Super Config - All Bands
  • FLX-CBL-M - Cable & Antenna Consumable Package (opts. OP203/OP204/034H/278H)
  • OP416 - Dual Battery Power Pack and Charger kit
  • OP636 - Bluetooth Communication
  • MSRP: $27,274 | Available for Rental    GET QUOTE  

Product Overview

PCTEL SeeGull IBflex SCANNING RECEIVER - Available for rental  (call for availability)

Modern in-building networks designed to serve heavy traffic loads can be extraordinarily complex. A single in-building network may host multiple wireless operators across multiple technologies and frequency bands-while also providing Wi-Fi access. This added complexity makes accurate and flexible network testing equipment more important than ever. To further complicate matters, traditional scanning receivers are not designed to be carried around and operated with a battery over a long day of walk testing.

 The PCTEL SeeGull IBflex scanning receiver is designed for in-building and small cell testing. With the IBflex, you can quickly identify and solve problems that obstruct network performance using the IBflex’s comprehensive testing capability. Perform walk tests more efficiently with its array of features tailored for indoor use. Its enhanced measurements, including Wi-Fi and evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS), can be used to improve coverage and capacity, maximize customer satisfaction, and increase the long-term revenue potential of in-building wireless networks. While the design and features set of the IBflex are geared towards indoor walk tests, the scanner is fully functional for outdoor or drive test needs without compromising performance and accuracy.

Features and benefits of the IBflex include:

  • Improve in-building testing productivity
    • Test multi-operator networks across all major wireless technologies, plus Wi-Fi
    • Low power consumption and hot swap battery system
  • Reduce user fatigue during walk testing for DAS and small cell deployment with lightweight scanning receiver in a small form factor
  • Maximize LTE throughput with Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) LTE scanner measurements
  • OS support for Windows® laptop and Android™ tablet or UE to collect RF data based on specific needs
  • Control and manage the scanner with flexible connectivity using Bluetooth® or USB
  • Store data easily across multiple devices
  • Accurate CDMA/EV-DO measurements with GPS holdover

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