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Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model: VM6000

Tektronix VM6000 Video Measurement Test Set

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Tektronix VM6000 Video Measurement Test Set Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

The Tektronix VM6000 Integrated Signal Analyzer stands alone as an automatic video analyzer capable of supporting SD, HDTV and PC graphics signal formats. The VM6000 addresses the needs of engineers developing and deploying the next generation of video devices for the digitally connected home.

The Tek VM6000 automates video testing of consumer devices such as digital set top boxes, multimedia PCs, graphics cards, and video semiconductors. Offering a full 1 GHz bandwidth, and 5 GS/s sample rate, the VM6000 is well suited to the demands of measuring high resolution HDTV and high frequency PC graphics video signals.

Features of the Tektronix VM6000 Video Test Set include:

  • Automatically measure over 150 industry-accept parameters for testing SD/HD TV signals and verify conformance of PC signals to VESA standards. (Makes testing SD/HDTV and PC graphics signals faster, more robust, more convenient and more accurate.)
  • Pass-Fail limit and reference testing with intuitive Red / Green summary screen that shows numeric values for failed parameters. (Fast and efficient evaluation and review of hundreds of individual measurement parameters.)
  • Supports 12 standard SD/HD formats and 11 standard PC graphics formats with auto format detect and user-defined formats. (Tests video compliance over a wide range of formats and applications.)
  • Companion test signal packages (with Option SS). ( Saves time in installation and test setup.)
  • Automatic report generation including test results, configuration settings and signal reference data. (Speeds up test documentation.)
  • Access video test reports or data stored on the hard disk via the network over built-in LAN connection. (Enables efficient collaboration and sharing test capabilities throughout organizations.)
  • Full Tektronix DPO7104 functionality and specifications. (Adds in-depth signal analysis to video measurement capabilities)

* At least one of Option SD, HD,or VGA is mandatory for each VM6000 Instrument.

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