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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 6482

Keithley 6482 Picoammeter / Voltage Source

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Product Overview


The Keithley 6482 Dual Channel Picoammeter / Voltage Source provides two independent picoammeter / voltage source channels for a wide range of low-level measurement applications that require dual-channel measurements.

With its dual channel measurement capabilities, the Keithley 6482 is a great measurement tool for analyzing multi-channel devices, monitoring currents in multiple locations on materials, and recording data from multiple sensors at once. The dual channels facilitate easier control and data aggregation. The greater channel density increases the number of instruments (and channels) that can fit in confined spaces.

Programmable Limits and Filters

  • As with most Keithley instruments, the 6482's current and voltage limits can be programmed to ensure device protection during critical points, such as start of test. These instruments also provide average and median filters, which can be applied to the data stored in the buffer memory.

Ratio and Delta Measurements

  • The 6482 can provide ratio or delta measurements between the two completely isolated channels. These functions can be accessed via either the front panel or the GPIB interface. For test setups with multiple detectors, this capability enables targeted control capabilities.

Scaled Voltage Analog Output

  • The 6482 can transmit measurement results to devices such as DMMs, data acquisition boards, oscilloscopes, or strip chart recorders.

220V Overload Protection

  • With this high overload protection and a robust design, the 6482 can withstand abusive overflows.

One-Touch Front Panel Design

  • Functions can be configured easily with the push of a button - without complicated function menus.

Built-In Trigger Link Interface

  • The Trigger Link interface simplifies synchronizing the 6482 with other instruments and voltage sources and combines six independent selectable trigger lines on a single connector for simple, direct control over all instruments in a system.

RS-232 and IEEE-488 Interfaces

  • These interfaces make it easy to integrate the 6482 into automated test and measurement systems.

Display On/Off Switch

  • For research on light-sensitive components, such as measuring the dark currents of photodiodes, the front panel display can be switched off to avoid introducing light that could significantly reduce the accuracy of the results.

REL and LOG Functions

  • The 6482 can make relative readings with respect to a baseline value or display the logarithm of the absolute value of the measured current.

Rear Panel Triax Inputs

  • Triax inputs ensure premium noise protection. Triax-to-BNC adapters, which are included, allow inexpensive, easy-to-use BNC cables to be employed in situations where noise is less of a concern.

Key features of teh Keithley of the Keithley 6482 include:

  • Dual-channel, 6 1/2-digit measurement capability
  • Dual +/-30V bias sources
  • Measure currents up to 20mA
  • Measure currents with 1fA resolution
  • 0-10V analog output for high resolution measurement feedback
  • Supports assembly process, final testing, parts binning, and specification
  • 3000-point buffer memory on each channel allows data transfer after test completion
  • Trigger Link for binning and sweep test operations
  • IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces

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For the first time in a long time, can I just say thanks for the excellent unit you sold me even better than the one in the picture. Fantastic to deal with a honest human for a change.

-- Walter R.

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