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Yokogawa WT110
Digital Power Meter

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Manufacturer: Yokogawa
Model: WT110

Yokogawa WT110 Digital Power Meter

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Yokogawa WT110 Digital Power Meter Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

The Yokogawa WT110 Model 253401 is a Single Phase Digital Power Meter for Measuring Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Frequency and Harmonics. This model is used principally for the measurement of power consumed by household appliances, such as air conditioners, automated office equipment, and other appliances, and they can be applied partially to the measurement of the output of invertor equipment. These meters are equipped with a rich array of functions: a comparator function, which is needed at production sites, and harmonic wave analysis, to which a lot of attention has been given. They can, therefore, be expected to be applied to a wide variety of services.

Features of the Yokogawa WT110 include:

  • Large LED display
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Greater surge resistance Input component
  • Harmonic wave analysis function (optional)
  • Comparator output (optional)
  • Display value adjustment by user
  • Frequency Measurement: Input:
    • V1, V2, V3, A1, A2, A3
    • Operating principle: Reciprocal counting method
    • Frequency ranges: 10 Hz to 50 kHz
    • Accuracy: }(0.1% of rdg + 1 digit)
    • Minimum input is more than 30% of rated range.
    • When an input frequency is less than 200Hz, FILTER must be ON to obtain the specification accuracy.
    • Minimum input frequency is more than 20% of frequency measurement range.

Possible Subs:
Yokogawa WT210

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