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Manufacturer: Voltech
Model: PM100

Voltech PM100 Power Analyzer

Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment

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Product Overview

Using the proven technology of the world leading Voltech range, these analyzers allow precision bench-top measurements at the price of a portable meter. By connecting directly to the analyzer's 20A-rated internal shunts, the errors of gain and phase found in external current transformers and transducers are eliminated. For measurements above 20A and 1000V, a broad range of transformers, shunts and DC-coupled transducers can be accommodated. Ideal for general-purpose measurements of watts, power factor, harmonics as well as volts and amps in the design, development and production of electrical and electronic equipment

Other features and specifications include:

  • Basic Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Bandwidth: DC to 250kHz
  • Direct Inputs 1000Vpk / 20A RMS
  • Graphics display of waveforms and harmonic barcharts
  • W, V, A, VA, Var, Power factor, Cosf, Vpk, Apk, crest factors and frequency
  • Harmonics V, A (incl. phase) and W to the 50th
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Integrator for W-hr, VA-hr, A-hr, VA-hr, average and target PF
  • Easy-to-use menu structure available in different languages
  • Accepts and scales for external current and voltage transducers


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