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Chroma 6630
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Manufacturer: Chroma
Model: 6630

Chroma 6630 Power Analyzer

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Product Overview

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The Power Measurement System comprises an advanced Chroma 6630 Power Analyser and a Chroma 6530 Series or other Chroma family AC Power Source is the ATE for Voltage and Current Harmonics test in compliance with IEC61000-3-2, IEC61000-3-2 A14, and for Flicker test (voltage fluctuations) following the IEC 61000-3-3 international standards. Performance testing is pre-programmed limits to specifications against standardized limits.

Chroma 6630 Power Analyser is a modular instrument that is equipped with DSP type measurement module. Each measurement module contains Processor, Memory (ROM, RAM, Flash ROM), and two channels 18 bits A/D converter. As the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) technology is implemented in the software with 32-bit floating point mathematical algorithms, it can measure instruments related power at high- speed and analyse the measurement parameters (value) accurately.

Chroma 6630 Power Analyser is a flexible and unique multipurpose instrument designed for using stand-alone and integrated. Harmonics, Flicker, Multimeter, Recording, and Waveform are the five major function modules that can work stand-alone, or be integrated into an ATE environment to facilitate the system for testing and analysis.

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