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Daystar DS-100C
I-V Curve Tracer

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Manufacturer: Daystar
Model: DS-100C

Daystar DS-100C I-V Curve Tracer

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Daystar DS-100C I-V Curve Tracer Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Daystar DS-100C I-V curve tracer is a portable self-contained unit for testing photovoltaic systems. It weighs 12 kg and is packaged in a non-metallic case. The Daystar DS-100C Curve Tracer has two capacitance values depending on the setting of the voltage range switch. For the high voltage range (600V) the capacitance is approximately 1,500 uF (1.5E-3 F) and in the low voltage setting the capacitance is 5,000 uF (5E-3 F). The maximum sweep rate can be approximated by calculating Isc/Cap. However, most sweep rate values relate to a single PV cell so the calculated number must be adjusted for the number of series-paralel connected cells in the unit under test.

The DS-100C curve tracer uses a capacitive load to vary the impedance connected to the output terminals of the PV array under test. The voltage and current are sampled as the capacitors in the Tracer are charged. True short-circuit current is measured by starting the sequence at a negative voltage. Unique switching of load capacitors allows a slower sweep rate which yields more accurate IV curves. This data set is transferred to the control computer for display, analysis, and storage using the powerful Windows-based IVPC software. The displayed I-V curve includes values of:

• Open Circuit Voltage, Voc
• Short Circuit Current, Isc
• Peak Power
• Voltage at Peak Power, Vpk
• Current at Peak Power, Ipk
• Fill Factor

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