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Manufacturer: Voltech
Model: AT5600

Voltech AT5600 Wound Component Tester

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Voltech AT5600 Wound Component Tester Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

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The AT5600 from Voltech is a complete integrated test solution for wound components, delivering accuracy, speed and reliability without compromise. The AT5600 allows 100% testing of any wound component on a single integrated unit. For both manufacturers of wound components and OEMs/ODMs performing incoming test, the AT5600 allows you to efficiently ensure quality and reliability. 

Uniquely in the market, the Voltech AT5600 can perform ALL of the tests required for multiple applications and any magnetic component type: from Hi-Pot and surge to magnetization, turns ratio, and winding resistance.  The AT5600 wound component tester can help you at the engineering stage, with in-depth type testing of your design and pre-production prototypes, enabling you to validate your design to any applicable standards such as BS EN 61558, UL 1876 and UL 1441.


Features for the VOLTECH AT5600 Wound Component Tester Include:

• Fast: 20 standard tests per second
• Superb accuracy
• Test ANY magnetic component: Ferrites, laminates, telecoms, SMPS transformer, EMC and other filters
• ANY combination of tests to suit your needs
• Integral 20 node matrix to test up to 10 windings in 4-wire Kelvin mode
• Integral 5kV AC / 7kV DC hi-pot
• Pass/fail, “audit test” and “test-on-fail” functions
• Four-wire connections throughout
• Voltech fixture system means no set up time for different transformer types
• Ethernet, RS232 and USB
• GUI with touch-screen
• Full results storage and program control; even program and monitor results over a network!
• Patented technology for core energization (improves test time)
• Patented technology for current measurement (improves accuracy)

See Datasheet for full specifications

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