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Phenix PATTR-3D
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Manufacturer: Phenix
Model: PATTR-3D

Phenix PATTR-3D Automatic Turns Ratio Tester

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Phenix PATTR-3D Automatic Turns Ratio Tester Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

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The Phenix Technologies PATTR-03D ratio meter is a high precision instrument, designed to measure turn ratios, phase displacements, excitation currents of single phase and three phase power, distribution and instrument transformers in compliance with IEEE C57.12.90 and IEC 60076 standards. With its real 3-phase test circuit, the PATTR-03D can address complex ratio measurements of Phase- Shifting/ Regulating or irregular vector group type transformers, otherwise impossible to achieve with conventional ratio meters. Zigzag type transformer testing is very easy and will not require the installation of jumpers or the use of relay matrix circuits.

The single or real 3-phase voltage output up to 275 V contributes to higher magnetisation currents and therefore stronger flux for better signal reflection on secondary and/or tertiary windings allowing more accurate results. The Phenix PATTR-03D phase displacement measurements enables for simple detection of the transformer vector group. With PATTR-03D’s intuitive menus, high contrast touch screen, convenient graphical test representation, highest test voltage on the market, long and flexible multipurpose test leads configuration, real 3-phase output, the widest range of applicable transformer types, it has never been so simple and easy to achieve high accuracy Transformer Turn Ratio measurements.


Specifications for the PHENIX PATTR-3D Automatic Turns Ratio Tester Include:

Ratio range 0.6 to 50000
Test voltages 8V, 40V, 100V, 275V
Phase angle range ±180 degrees
Phase angle accuracy ±0.05 degree


See Datasheet for full specifications

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