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Keithley 3750
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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 3750

Keithley 3750 Multifunction Control

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Product Overview

Keithley 3750 Multifunction Control

Rent Keithley 3750 Multifunction Control

The Keithley 3750 multifunction control has the flexibility and speed provided by the 40 digital I/O bits, four counters, and two analog outputs make it well-suited for a wide variety of system control applications.; Digital I/O The Keithley 3750 offers 40 digital I/O bits arranged in five banks. Each bank is comprised of eight bits each, and each bank can be programmed as either input or output. Digital I/O is often used to control processes and monitor the status of switches, contacts, and other control points. Additional features include scanning capabilities, such as writing a unique output pattern or reading banks of inputs at rates up to 1000 rdgs/second. Additionally, pattern matching is available, making it ideal for complex event algorithms. Further versatility is provided by supporting external voltage levels of up to 30V and output current sink levels of 300mA for control of external devices like RF-microwave relays. Analog Outputs The two analog outputs of the Model 3750 are designed for general purpose applications such as setpoint control or as bias supplies to your device under test.

For maximum utility, these outputs are programmable as voltage (±12V) or current (0–20mA or 4–20mA). A number of protection features are provided, including monitoring for current and/or voltage compliance and the ability to disconnect automatically during fault conditions. Output relays are supplied for each channel, ensuring mechanical isolation between your control device and the analog output. Counters Four 32-bit counters are provided with a maximum input rate of 1MHz. Each counter has a gate input that offers precise control of event counting and totalizing for a broad range of system components, such as: fixtures, limit switches, pass/fail indicators, revolutions, or time-related quantities. The counters, like the digital I/O, can be used in scanning operations and pattern matching as well as supporting reading rates of up to 1000 rdgs/second. Self-calibration When your Model 3706 mainframe is equipped with the high performance multimeter option, hardware and software is provided for self-calibration of analog outputs (voltage and current) and counter thresholds.

Features and Specifications of the Keithley Multifunctional Control includes:

  • Internal 5V
  • 50mA logic supply for powering external logic circuits
  • 40 bidirectional digital input/output bit
  • High current driver outputs for sinking (300mA)
  • 2 isolated analog output channels, programmable to ±12V, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA
  • 4 gated 32-bit counters with 1MHz input rate
  • Screw terminal connections provided with removable 3750-ST accessory
  • External supply voltage supported on digital I/O

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