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Wayne Kerr 65120B
Precision Impedance Analyzer, 120 MHz

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Manufacturer: Wayne Kerr
Model: 65120B

Wayne Kerr 65120B Precision Impedance Analyzer, 120 MHz

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Wayne Kerr 65120B Precision Impedance Analyzer, 120 MHz Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

WAYNE KERR 65120B ( 1J65120BD1 )

The Wayne Kerr 65120B Precision Impedance Analyzer provides precise and fast testing of devices at frequencies up to 120 MHz. Its accuracy and versatility make this precision instrument the ideal choice for many different tasks and applications including passive component design, dielectric material testing and resonant frequency characterization. Because the Wayne Kerr 65120B Precision Impedance Analyzer provides for comprehensive and precise component tests at higher frequencies it is the perfect solution for those who have demanding component measurement needs.

Features and Specifications of the Wayne Kerr 65120B Precision Impedance Analyzer include:

  • Precise high frequency impedance measurements
  • Characterize components from 20 Hz to 120 MHz
  • Comprehensive measurement functions
  • Easy to use with large TFT touch screen
  • Clear graphic displays aids measurements
  • Traditional LCR Meter mode for single and repetitive measurements
  • Protection against charged capacitors
  • Resonance Search
  • Equivalent Circuit Analysis Function
  • Fully programmable over GPIB
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Keyboard and mouse optional control
  • AC Measurement Parmeters / Functions:
    • Impedance (Z)
    • Phase Angle (Ø)
    • Capacitance (C)
    • Dissipation Factor (D)
    • Inductance (L)
    • Quality Factor (Q)
    • Resistance (R)
    • Reactance (X)
    • Conductance (G)
    • Susceptance (B)
    • Admittance (Y)
  • High Measurement Accuracy:
    • Basic measurement accuracy:  05%
    • Capacitance, Inductance and Impedance basic accuracy:  +0.05%
    • Dissipation Accuracy:  +0.0005
    • Quality Factor Accuracy:  +0.05%
  • Variable drive and bias levels:
    • AC drive level:  10m V to Vrms (varies with frequency)
    • 200μA to 20mArms (varies with frequency)
    • Signal source impedance: 5 ohm nominal
  • Data storage and retrieval:  all measurement and setup data can be stored using Ethernet interface or a USB flash memory (supplied as standard)
  • Display format: Series or parallel equivalent circuit - all parameters
  • Frequency:  20 Hz to 120 MHz
  • Mode of operation:
    • Graphical sweep mode:
      • Allows graphical sweep of any two measurement parameters
      • Swept parameters: frequency, drive level or DC bias
    • Meter mode:  Allows the instrument to be used as a standard LCR meter
    • Setup Data:  Up to 20 instrument setups may be locally stored for each mode
    • Equivalent Circuit Analysis
  • Measurement Connections:  4 front panel BNC connectors permit 3 or 4 terminal connections with the screens at ground potential

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