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Wayne Kerr 6430B
Precision Component Analyzer, 500 kHz

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Manufacturer: Wayne Kerr
Model: 6430B

Wayne Kerr 6430B Precision Component Analyzer, 500 kHz

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Wayne Kerr 6430B Precision Component Analyzer, 500 kHz Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

The Wayne Kerr 6430B Precision Component Analyzer provides thorough and accurate testing of any passive component to high resolution.  In particular, for capacitor manufacturers, the instrument provides capabilities for both fast automatic production testing and complete design characterisation. This is the perfect instrument for designers of passive components, manufacturing test, designing and testing materials as well as circuit designers who are evaluating component characteristics. The resonant frequency can be automatically calculated for any component together with its equivalent series or parallel circuit at that frequency. The Wayne Kerr 6430B Analyzer is the entry level instrument covering to 500 kHz.

Features and Specifications of the Wayne Kerr 6430B Precision Component Analyzer include:

  • Fast automatic multi-frequency production testing of capacitors
  • Protection against charged capacitors:
    • The protection unit will protect the test equipment from up to 25 Joules of charged energy
  • High measurement accuracy on dissipation factor
  • Fast measurement speed
  • 0.02% basic measurement accuracy
  • Characterize components to 500 kHz
  • Large LCD display and intuitive user interface
  • Pass/Fail data in statistical form is available to the user and can be viewed on LCD display, printed to the local printer or exported over the GPIB
  • Comprehensive measurement function
  • Measurement parameters:
    • Impedance (Z)
    • Phase Angle (Ø)
    • Inductance (L)
    • Capacitance (C)
    • DC Resistance (Rdc)
    • AC Resistance (Rac)
    • Quality Factor (Q)
    • Dissipation Factor (D)
    • Admittance (Y)
    • Conductance (G)
    • Reactance (X)
    • Susceptance (B)
  • Graphical sweep on all measurement functions up to 3 MHz
    • A graph can be created of the parameter value agains frequency or AC drive level from a selected measurement function
  • Measurement results can be output over the GPIB or directly to a printer
  • External Control:
    • The GPIB interface is used to control the instrument and read back measured values for quality control or for archiving purposes
    • Ouput lines available to control a bin handler interface
    • Component tolerance levels may be pre-set and stored
    • 25-way D connector mounted on the rear panel provides easy access for connection to external component handling equipment
  • Modes of Operation:
    • Measurement:
      • Selection of any measurement parameter and test condition
      • Single level function menu controlled by keyboard and soft keys
      • Single and repetitive measurements displaying major and minor terms
    • Deviation:
      • As measurement mode but relative or precentage deviation from nominal value displayed for major or minor term
    • Multi-frequency:
      • Measurement parameters and test conditions set using measurement mode
      • Up to 8 frequencies with absolute or percentage limits on major term Pass/Fail indication
    • Multi-frequency capacitor (optional)
    • Analysis Mode (optional)
    • Binning (optional)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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