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Quadtech / IET 1650B
LCR Impedance Bridge

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Manufacturer: Quadtech / IET
Model: 1650B

Quadtech / IET 1650B LCR Impedance Bridge

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Product Overview

The GenRad 1650B Impedance Bridge will measure the inductance and storage factor, Q, of inductors, the capacitance and dissipation factor, D, of capacitors, and the ac and dc resistance or conductance of resistors.

Three-terminal measurements can be made in the presence of considerable stray capacitance to ground. The GR 1650B is self-contained and portable. Battery-powered, low-drain solidstate oscillator and detector are included. The panel meter indicates both dc and ac bridge unbalances.

The measured quantities, R, G, L, C, D, and Q, are indicated directly on dials with logarithmic scales for constant percentage accuracy. Multipliers and the units of measurement are indicated by the range setting.

The Orthonull ballance finder feature the GenRad 1650B bridge, is used to make a low-Q (high-D) balance possible without a sliding null. This mechanism adds accuracy and convenience to low-Q measurements that are practically impossible on other impedance bridges.

Specifications of the GR 1650B Bridge include:

  • Capacitance: 1 pF to 1100 uF, series or parrallel, 7 ranges:
    • +/-1% +/-1pF
  • Inductance: 1 uH to 1100 H, series or parrallel, 7 ranges:
    • +/-1% +/-1uH
  • Resistance: ac or dc, 1 mOhm to 1.1 Mohm, 7 ranges:
    • +/-1% +/-1mOhm
  • Conductance: ac or dc, 1 nU to 1.1 U, 7 ranges:
    • +/-1% +/-1nU
  • Dissapation Factor, D at 1 kHz:
    • 0.001 to 1, of series C, 0.1 to 50, of parallel C: +/-5% +/-0.001 at 1 kHz and lower
  • Storage Factor, Q, at 1 kHz:
    • 0.02 to 10, of series L, 1 to 1000, of parallel L: 1/Q accurate to +/-5 +/-0.001 at f </= 1kHz
  • Generator: Internal; 1 kHz +/-2%.
  • Detector: Internal or External; internal detector response flat or selective at 1 kHz; sensitivity control provided.
  • DC Polarization: Capacitors can be biased to 600V from external dc power supply for series capacitance measurements.

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