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Low Leakage Switch Mainframe

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Manufacturer: Keysight / Agilent / HP
Model: E5250A

Keysight / Agilent E5250A Low Leakage Switch Mainframe

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Keysight / Agilent E5250A Low Leakage Switch Mainframe Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Keysight E5250A Low Leakage Switch Mainframe expands a single measurement station, such as the Keysight B1500A, 4155C, or 4156C, to an automated measurement system. Plug-in modules can be configured either as a cross-point matrix for general parametric measurements or as a multiplexer for long term reliability measurements.

When configured as a 24 (8x3) Channel Multiplexer, the Agilent E5250A is ideal for long term reliability measurements with its 384 channel capability and advanced features typically found only on large, more costly input devices. This allows inexpensive power supplies to be used for consistent stressing.

The large number of channels and low-cost stress sources allow efficient testing of hundreds of devices in parallel, saving cost and time and achieving accurate, consistent results.

The basic functions of the Keysight E5250A Low Leakage Switch Mainframe are:

  • Switches DC current, DC voltage, capacitance and pulse with DC instruments and LCR meters
  • Controls switching through builtin GPIB
  • Performs self test using Option 301 relay function test adapter

General features of the E5250A

  • Two matrix card types supported: E5252A matrix cards and E5255A multiplexer cards
  • E5252A matrix cards support Kelvin or cost-effective non-Kelvin switching matrix functionality
  • E5255A multiplexer cards support long-term multisite reliability testing
  • Keysight EasyEXPERT software can control and automate switch settings using application tests

Measurement capabilities

  • 20 femtoamp measurement resolution through the switch using 4156C, B1500A, or E5270B HRSMU
  • Transient current settling time (to < 450 fA) of less than 3.5 seconds (10 V input step)(Supplemental Information)
  • 10 MHz bandwidth (- 3dB) using E5252A cards (Supplemental Information)
  • Channel isolation of 10 teraohms for low-current (triaxial) paths using E5252A cards

Architecture (using E5252A matrix cards)

  • 6 low-current (triaxial) and 4 general-purpose (coaxial) inputs
  • Modular design supports x12, x24, x36,and x48 triaxial output configurations
  • Triaxial inputs 1 to 4 have dedicated internal paths
  • Triaxial inputs 5 to 6 and the 4 coaxial inputs are multiplexed (3:1) and share 2 internal paths

Architecture (using E5255A multiplexer cards)

  • 6 low-current (triaxial) inputs; 3 dc-bias (coaxial) inputs per card
  • Modular design supports x24, x48, x72,and x96 triaxial output configurations
  • Can gang up to four E5250A mainframes together to support up to 384 output channels


10 x 12 matrix switch for general parametric measurements

  • Sequential measurement of many devices on a test structure
  • Ten inputs and 48 outputs provide flexibility and accuracy
  • Two low-leakage inputs and four standard inputs for I-V measurements
  • Two C-V path with accurate capacitance compensation
  • Two auxiliary inputs for pulsed, differential voltage and other measurements

24 (8 x 3) channel multiplexer for reliability testing

  • 384-channel capability for efficient parallel testing
  • Inexpensive power supplied for consistent stressing
  • Protection against power surges for accurate results
  • Wide-temperature cables for use in a chamber

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