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Noiseken ESS-2000
ESD Simulator, 30kV

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Manufacturer: Noiseken
Model: ESS-2000

Noiseken ESS-2000 ESD Simulator, 30kV

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Noiseken ESS-2000 ESD Simulator, 30kV Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Noiseken ESS-2000 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator is a fully programable 30kV ESD Simulator that allows both manual and fully automated control, up to 30kV.

The ESS-2000 simulator can store up to 99 tests including Sweep settings. Each test is given a number (called Unit No). Any combination of units selected from 99 tests in the Manual Mode can consist of one test sequence having 30 units maximum. Twenty test sequences can be stored. For a unit setting, press EDIT button. Settings of voltage, etc. can be done in the same way as in the Manual mode. 

Features of the ESS-2000 include:

  • Fully programmable menu-driven simulator providing three operation modes: IEC standard, Manual and Sequence
  • A 5.7-inch color LCD for easy setting and good visibility
  • Unique shape for the operator's easy access to the controls and displays even when the unit is put on the floor level (ground plane)
  • Communications with PC through the optic serial interface
  • A wide variety of the dedicated options 
  • Meet and far exceed the requirements in EN/IEC61000-4-2 and ISO10605
  • Up to 30kV output in both contact and air discharges
  • A light weight discharge gun
  • Easily changeable capacitor and resistor units
  • A wide range of options
  • CE marked

Specifications of the Noiseken ESS-2000 include:

  • Output polarity: Positive or negative
  • Output voltage:
    • 0.20kV - 30.0kV± 5% (30.5kV max)
    • 0.20kV - 10.0kV: 0.01kV step, 10.0kV - 30.0kV:0.1kV step
  • Discharge interval:
    • Normal mode: 0.05s - 600.0s± 10%
    • Extra mode : 1.00s - 600.0s± 10%
    • 0.05s - 9.99s: 0.01s step, 10s - 600.0s: 0.1s step
  • No. of times of discharge: 1 - 60,000 times preset on the counter or continuous
  • Discharge mode: Air and contact discharge
  • Radiation level: Normal / Extra mode
  • Trigger mode: Gun trigger/main unit trigger/ external trigger 
  • Operation Modes:
    • IEC Standard:
      • Contact discharge: 2.0kV, 4.0kV, 6.0kV, 8.0kV (4 voltages preset)
      • Air discharge: 2.0kV, 4.0kV, 8.0kV, 15.0kV (4 voltages preset)
    • Manual:
      • Contact / Air discharge: 0.20kV - 30.0kV
      • Sweep (automatic voltage ramping) available
      • Up to 99 units (test settings) storable
    • Sequence:
      • Seamless run of the selected test sequence (made of any combinaiton of 99 units in Manual mode)
      • No. of units per one test sequence: up to 30 units
      • No. of test sequnences: up to 20 
    • Warning lamp: Lights up while the HV circuitry is on and blinks while discharges are in progress
    • Discharge Gun: TC-815R
    • Charging resistance: 10MΩ(53 MΩ for combination with TC-815R discharge gun)
    • AUX Connector:
      • D-SUB15 pin, female connector
      • Warning lamp (optional) connection
      • Automatic ESD Eliminator (optional) connection,
      • External interlock input
      • External trigger input
    • Optical Communication Connector:  Optic RS-232C for PC communication
    • Input Power: 100 - 240V AC 50/60 Hz ± 10%

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