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Haefely PEFT4010
EFT / Burst Generator

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Manufacturer: Haefely
Model: PEFT4010

Haefely PEFT4010 EFT / Burst Generator

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Haefely PEFT4010 EFT / Burst Generator Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

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The Haefely PEFT4010 is a complete stand-alone EFT / Burst generator designed to meet the requirements of IEC/EN 61000-4-4 edition 1 & 2. The PEFT 4010 covers a voltage range from 100V to 4.8kV, and has an integrated 16A single phase CDN. Depending on your test requirements, a number of Haefely options and accessories are available to fully cover your needs, including three phase 32A and 100A CDNs, capacitive coupling clamps, verification equipment, and various other valuable accessories necessary for a complete EFT test setup.

The Haefely PEFT4010 can either be operated by the front panel keys in a stand alone manner or be controlled by PC via RS232 or IEEE 488 as part of a complete EMC test system.

Tests can be performed manually or automatically with predefined test programs. The front panel layout with its large LCD display and the intuitive software are especially designed for self explanatory and safe operation of the instrument. Up to 36 test setups can be programmed and saved on the internal nonvolatile memory.

With the integrated “Transition Function” Unominal, the spike frequency, the burst duration and the burst period can be varied automatically during a test. Besides this, it is also possible to edit the parameters manually during a test.

Besides conventional safety features, the PEFT 4010 contains a separate “Line ON/OFF” switch with which the main supply can be disconnected from the equipment under test.

For better handling, the PEFT 4010 is equipped with two grounding connections, one at the front panel and one at the rear panel. This is very helpful in making connections to the ground plane if the PEFT 4010 is used either horizontally or vertically.

Bursts are generated according to the related standards IEC 61000-4-4 and EN 61000-4-4. The PEFT 4010 can deliver EFT impulses in different formats including normal, continuous, random and real pulse distribution.

Features of the Haefely PEFT4010 EFT / Burst Generator include:

  • impulse voltage up to 4.8kV
  • spike frequency 1Hz to 2MHz
  • 5 burst modes
  • 12,000 impulses per second
  • integrated 16Aac/10Adc CDN
  • internal or external burst synchronisation
  • parameter modification while a test is running
  • 18 program and 18 test memory locations with battery backup
  • control of PESD 1610 ESD generator
  • Centronix printer interface
  • hand held remote control unit

Applicable standards include:

  • IEC/EN 61000-4-4 edition 1 & 2
  • ETSI 300 386-2
  • Bellcore-1089/section 9.10.5

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