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Tescom TC-5062C
TEM Cell, 100 MHz - 6 GHz

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Manufacturer: Tescom
Model: TC-5062C

Tescom TC-5062C TEM Cell, 100 MHz - 6 GHz

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Tescom TC-5062C TEM Cell, 100 MHz - 6 GHz Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Tescom TC-5062C (TC5062C) TEM Cell produces the Electro-Magnetic field for testing small RF devices such as wireless communication receivers, mobile phones, smart watches, and more. An external test signal, when applied through the input port of the TC-5062C generates a consistent and predictable TEM test field inside teh cell. The radiation field from a device transmitting in the cell can also be detected through the port using a test receiver. The unique compact and economical design is optimized for medium accuracy measurements beyond the standard TEM Cell frequency range.

The Tescom TC-5062C TEM Cell was designed to work beyond the typical TEM Cell operating frequency range limited by cell resonance. A typical TEM Cell is a 2-port symmetrical device. RF voltage is applied to one port while the other port is terminated in 50 Ohm while maintaining 50 ohm characteristic impedance along the cell. Due to expansion and contraction parts of the cell, the wave propagation beyond certain frequencies is no longer propagated by TEM mode alone, and creates resonance. To elminated the resonance problem, half of the cell is replaced by wave absorbing material. Once commercial implementation is a G-TEM cell. The size of teh G-TEM design is too large for typical small device applications due to the type of obsorber used. TESCOM utilized the concept of G-TEM, but changed the termination implementation design, and created a very compact broadband TEM Cell that can be used on a desktop.

The E-H field inside the test volume is proportional to the input voltage and is inversely proportional to the cell height. If a radiating object is insterted inside the cell, the radiated wave toward the input port is guided by the transmission line and is picked up at the input with an EMI receiver or Spectrum Analyzer. With this method, the RFI from a radiating device can be measured quantitatively. Since this apparatus is very broadband, it has many applications in the area of EMI, EMS, and receiver sensitivity tests.

Key features of the Tescom TC-5062C include:

  • Radiation and susceptibility test
  • Broadband TEM Cell up to 6 GHz`
  • Small size, Small footprint for desktop applications
  • High effective shielding
  • Specifically designed for all types of mobile phones
  • Able to install DUT Rotator

Specifications of the Tescom TC-5062C include:

  • VSWR: < 1.7, 100 MHz - 6 GHz
  • Effective Cell Height: 220mm
  • Field Strength at Center of Cell: 13 dB µV/meter at 1 µV Input
  • RF Connectors without module: 1 N(f) topside, 1 SMA(f) outside and SMA(f) inside
  • Dimmensions: 
    • Inside: 240mm(W) x 205mm(D)
    • Outside: 244mm(W x 380mm(D) x 675mm(H)
    • Door Size: 176mm(W) x 130mm(H)

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