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Viavi / Aeroflex / Cobham / IFR / Marconi AVX-10K
Flight Line Test Set

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Manufacturer: Viavi / Aeroflex / Cobham / IFR / Marconi
Model: AVX-10K

Viavi / Aeroflex / Cobham / IFR / Marconi AVX-10K Flight Line Test Set

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Viavi / Aeroflex / Cobham / IFR / Marconi AVX-10K Flight Line Test Set Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Available Option Configurations


  • AVX-10K-CNS - Communication, Navigation and Surveillance package
  • AVX-10K-SELT - ELT 121.5/243/406MHz
  • AVX-10K-SUAT - UAT In/Out
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Product Overview

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The Viavi AVX-10K is a comprehensive flight line test solution providing today’s Avionics Technician with an easy to-use instrument for many maintenance needs. From a quick airborne system auto-test to an in-depth troubleshooting tool, testing can conveniently be done around the aircraft or in the cockpit from the touchscreen display or using your mobile device. Easy set-up, quick testing and reporting transferable via USB, Ethernet and wireless all done from a modern user interface, or the VIAVI Solutions Mobile Tech App.

Building on nearly 50 years of providing superior avionics test sets, the Viavi AVX-10K is a compact, durable tester capable of providing a wide range of quick airborne system auto-tests and in-depth troubleshooting using software specific applications. Using over-the-air, direct and coupled connections the AVX-10K can provide testing for Communications, Navigation and/or Surveillance systems. StrataSync asset management provides a single, intuitive way to monitor and assure your AVX-10K has the latest firmware installed. An administrator can quickly identify out-of-date test sets and apply firmware updates automatically via StrataSync which are deployed to the test set by simply syncing to StrataSync via the internet.


Features of the VIAVI / AEROFLEX AVX-10K Flight Line Test Set Include:

  • Configurable test capability 
  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Software defined applications 
  • Remote operation 
  • Android™ and iOS® compatible 
  • Guided Test y Built-in GPS receiver 
  • International test configurations

See Datasheet for full specifications 

                                                                                               PRECONFIGURED KITS









AVX-10K AVX-10K Unit * * * *
PWRADPTR AC/DC Power Adapter * * * *
HANDSTRAP Hand Strap * * * *
OPSMNL Manual, Operations * * * *
QSQUIDE Manual, Quick Start * * * *
TRANSITCASE Hard Carry Case   * * *
ADPTRKIT Calibratiion Kit, VSWR/DTF   * * *
ANT-ILS Antenna, VOR/ILS   *   *
ANT-MB Antenna, Marker Beacon   *   *
CBL6FTC Cable, Coax 6'   * * *
FPANT Antenna, RF Flat Panel w/1’ Cable     * *
UC-584 Coupler, UC-584 w/25' Cable       *
UC-584S Coupler, UC-584S w/25' Cable       *
SOFTWARE OPTIONS Select Test Capability        
SPDR Transponder Modes A,C,S     * *
SADSB ADS-B-In/Out/GICB/Target Gen/FIS-B     * *
STCAS tcas I/II        
SDME DME   * * *
SUAT UAT In/Out        
SNAV Navigation (ILS/MB/VOR)   *   *
SELT ELT 121.5/243/406MHz        
SCOM Radio Test AM/FM (Comms)   *   *

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